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Swamp Thing Spotted at Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood ?

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Ridgewood NJ, rumors continue to spread that the Saddle River County Park Wild Duck Pond could be the new home of  “Swamp Thing” . Over grown with algae, a breading ground for mosquitos and ticks  the Duck Pond has continued to fall into disrepair since 2016 .

The Ridgewood area park, also known as the Wild Duck Pond, has a playground, pond, picnic area and a bike path that runs alongside a stream. The path connects to the Glen Rock and Dunkerhook areas.

This county park spans  577 acres along the Saddle River and its tributaries. The park itself is located across parts of Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Paramus, Ridgewood, Rochelle Park and Saddle Brook. The Wild Duck Pond area located in Ridgewood has a multi-use bicycle and pedestrian pathway along which you can find three ponds, shaded picnic areas, pavilions, playgrounds, tennis courts, athletic fields and a “scenic waterfall,” according to the Bergen County Parks Department. The Wild Duck Pond area is also where you will find the park’s off-leash dog park area ,often referred to as “Bark Park”.

8 thoughts on “Swamp Thing Spotted at Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood ?

  1. nah, he lives on Linwood, doesn’t he?

  2. No money left for anything except the garage

    1. its a county park and an election year

  3. It’s a disgrace. When I was a kid growing up in Ridgewood the pond was the best. You would have kids fishing and a group of men with their remote control boats.
    My question is when will they will decide to fill it in and just make it a park.

  4. here fixed that fe ya…

    My question is when will they will decide to fill it in and just make it a parking garage

  5. The pond in the Glen Rock section of the County Park is very well taken care of. Even the pond at the other end of the park in Saddle Brook looks better than the Duck Pond…

  6. Why would we elect Tedesco again..?

  7. let’s be honest It’s the crappy end of a neglected run off pipe when the brook runs wild with flooding waters then Brook rages overcrossing RIDGEWOOD Ave at flood stages

    let’s fix the county main roads first Linwood is shot too ..they need a new engineer to pave and make the sewer plates in center of the main roads Level or close with new pavement ..fairways better but sewers still dip below the new pavement surface.They will be pounded into hazards as usual . Demolition Derby in RIDGEWOOD

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