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Tenafly Police Officers Accused of Misconduct During a Traffic Incident

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Tenafly NJ, Tenafly police officers were accused of misconduct during a traffic incident investigation on May 3rd . From what we are able to ascertain two officers responded to a road rage incident on Piermont Road. The responding officers were later accused of being “dismissive” to one driver while being “overly cordial” to the other driver .

The Tenafly Police are currently investigating the allegations and remind residents that patrol cars have a mobile video recording device which in this case is being carefully reviewed.  Is important to reserve judgement and get all the facts first.

4 thoughts on “Tenafly Police Officers Accused of Misconduct During a Traffic Incident

  1. there are 2 or 3 sides to every story
    i’d review the entire video before making judgement not just selective portions

  2. The police have been subjected to fake claims of misconduct ever since Black Lives Matter began rioting and looting in 2020. BLM riots and burns cities but the police are the bad guys?? Give me a break.
    Put things into perspective and you will see that the police are being put under a microscope just for doing their jobs while BLM activists are cheered on by Democrat politicians to wreak havoc and destruction on our society.

    1. your correct. Criminals win, law abiding citizens lose
      don’t expect the police to be pro-active since they dont want to be accused by some criminal
      get used to police showing up ONLY when you call 911
      this is the result of libtards and BLM (BUY LARGE MANSIONS)


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