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>Thank You Readers …….

>From Thursday, March 1, 2007 to Saturday March 31st the Ridgewood Blog had 3406 ISP’s visits and 6513 total hits.

Thanks for making us your number 1 local news site !

3 thoughts on “>Thank You Readers …….

  1. >sorry, as much as enjoy the occasional visit and comment here, this is nowhere NEAR a news site! Any more than Fox News is a “news” network. Ha!

  2. >I believe it is a local news site, and yes, probably the number one site. Remember, this is Ridgewood news, so let’s keep things in perspective. I look at the Ridgewood items in the online Record and you’re lucky if you see one story a week. As for that bird cage liner that they call the Ridgewood News, I bought a copy once after first moving here. I still feel cheated over the 50 cents it cost me.

  3. >Get a grip PJ. This blog has very little to do with news.

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