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The Best Casinos in Atlantic City

Whilst online casinos like Novibet provide us with the perfect chance to enjoy casino games from the comfort of our own home, it is an altogether different experience to actually step foot inside a grand casino. It is for this reason that so many people head down to Atlantic City when they are on a trip to New York, in order to enjoy the very best that New Jersey has to offer. If you have plans to go to a casino in the city, here are the best ones to hit first. 

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa 

The Borgata has been operation for two decades next year and it is widely considered as being the very best in the city. Whilst most of the casinos here were built back in the 70s, this modern casino makes up where so many others lack. The decor inside the casino and hotel is incredible, taking inspiration from Chinese architecture, and the casino itself offers everything that you could hope for. With more slot machines than any other casino in the city, a s well as high roller poker rooms, this is a truly decadent place to enjoy casino gaming. 

The Tropicana Casino and Resort 

This glitzy casino has long been the favorite haunt of many a celebrity and it is still to this day one of the best casinos in the city. This resort boasts an enormous casino, a hotel, a shopping mall and a huge dining hall packed with bars and classy restaurants. In reality you could spend a week here and never know what time of day it was, just the way some people like it. 

Ocean Resort Casino 

This is another modern casino which you will find in the city, having been constructed back in 2012. In terms of modern resorts this is very much the pinnacle here, covered in glass structures which shimmer from the boardwalk outside. One of the reasons why so many flock to the Ocean resort is that it is home to a fantastic sportsbook, which is quickly becoming the most popular way for people to place bets. In terms of food and hotel rooms, there is no better option in Atlantic City than this, with a world famous steakhouse and individually styled rooms. 

Hard Rock Hotel And Casino

This Hard Rock hotel has seen a lot of renovation work in recent years and that has really paid off for the resort. The music theme stays but the dilapidated rooms and attractions have gone out the door. What is left is a high quality casino with beautiful rooms and plenty of places to eat and enjoy some live music. There is a good range of restaurants here from Japanese to quick bites, and many have welcomed the new Hard Rock hotel as it goes against what the tired Atlantic City strip was fast becoming. 

These are our top picks for casinos and hotels which you could visit during your time in Atlantic City.

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