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The Death of Science Has Been Faked

By Charles Stampul


For centuries people have faked their deaths to escape threats or get free of burdens and responsibilities. This is what has happened to science.  

Science is in its worst state since the 1633 trial of Galileo, according to Neil Kurtzman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, in a recent article Covid, Gender, Climate, and the Collapse of Science.  

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“Many of the great scientific issues of today seem governed by dogma rather than debate… The response pattern that had been established for climate change and gender transformation was again employed to deal with the epidemic.” 

Victor Davis Hanson, Distinguished Fellow in History at Hillsdale College, offers critical race theory as another example of the “death of science.”  He attributes the problem to rejection of the scientific method.  

But aren’t the tried-and-true practices of science still being employed towards advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, space exploration, life extension and countless other scientific pursuits?  

It is really only a handful of ideas that are turning scientific principles on their head.  If one looks closely one sees that they all have the effect of lowering birth rates of educated people in first world nations.    

Climate change proponents are highly schooled and disproportionately childless. The gender fluid are also highly schooled and will be disproportionately childless.  The Covid response arrested the development of millions of children and prevented millions of middle class children from being born.  Critical race theory crushes young peoples’ motivation to strive and achieve from either a sense of innate guilt, or a mindset of resentment and entitlement and will result in fewer children growing up in stable households in the future.

The purpose of climate change, gender fluidity, Covid absolutism and CRT is to wither the middle class. The majority of doctors and scientists are likely just going along to get along. They invested a good deal in their livelihood and they are doing and saying what they need to protect it.  But what of the prime movers, those who never had to worry about a paycheck and likely never will?  What is their motivation?   

The simplest explanation is the most likely.  The world’s elite are faking the death of science partly to evade responsibility but mainly to eliminate competition and protect true positions of privilege.

4 thoughts on “The Death of Science Has Been Faked

  1. The democratic party is the party of science deniers.

  2. Science is not dead. The credibility of the institutions of “public health” is.

  3. My Opinion, Not Yours…
    … It’s Settled Science.

  4. Why would people expect the political party that doesn’t understand basic biology, to understand basic science regarding climate change? Does someone that believes Joe Biden is a leader, have any credibility?

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