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the fly has learned that the honeymoon may be over …

the fly has learned that the honeymoon may be over …

The fly has learned that despite an overwhelming majority of support for the Mayor in the past election many Westsiders have not taken to kindly to the Mayors new plans to urbanize the Village . It is rumored that a large group of Westsiders have hired the former CCR attorney to represent them against the Village on all the current large projects being proposed for the CBD .
The fly has been told that Westsiders don’t want these apartment dwellers overwhelming the Ridgewood school system forcing Westside children to mix with the common folk. Things came to a head recently when our ambitious  mayor was invited  to a coffee by some Westsider and got “his ass handed to him” about his support of the developers …

14 thoughts on “the fly has learned that the honeymoon may be over …

  1. A good many from the eastside voted for this phony also.

  2. Where do I sign up for this group?
    I’m in.

    1. count me in too !

  3. There’s more to come with Mayor Paul Aronsohn and “Big Al the Developers Friend” Watch the OVERLAY ZONE .

  4. Mayor Paul Aronsohn is so predictable. Watch for him to put on the” CHARM CAMPAIGN” just like our President

  5. Resistance is futile.

    Too late Ridgewood. Get used to it. We’ll be just like Montclair in a few years thanks to the likes of Aronsohn and transplants from the UWS of Manhattan.

    It’s a lot like what happened to New Hampshire, once a solidly right state now left leaning due to the influx of immigration from Massachusetts.

    They don’t call Texas the “Lone Star State” for nothing.

    1. sadly, this is very true…

  6. Its not an east – west thing or a “common folk” v. elitist thing. Its a common sense thing. The town is at the breaking point and the Mayor’s solution is to add more people and buildings. Just plain stupid. Who is circulating a re-call petition?

  7. LOL. You elect a guy with ZERO managerial experience, that was a former spokesman for McSleazy, that took medical benefits as a council member, ran for Congress, and you are shocked that he acts like a politician?

    “The Electorate Gets The Government It Deserves”

  8. Follow the money…

  9. Aronsohn also promised to repeal the H Zone amendment. I hope this group holds him to that as well.

  10. I don’t want to perpetuate the West Side v. East Side but one of the developers is a Westsider. Who wants to build apartments behind the Y next to the RR tracks?

    1. That property belongs to David Bolger. Been sitting vacant for years ever since he got in a pissing match with the state and tore down the building. I don’t see why that wouldn’t make a nice place for apartments. It would generate more property taxes and I doubt that many people would move in with kids.

  11. Why apartments wouldn’t we better off with commercial property a rateable.

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