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the fly has learned about “MERV “

…the fly has learned that the Ridgewood Schools system HVAC  is rated a MERV 8 with is the standard for New Jersey schools and office buildings, but the word is the REA wants to see a hospital standard MERV 13  installed in all Ridgewood schools , teacher and administrators may have to suffice with opening  windows  , except cottage place which has over the years presented its own set of problems …

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  1. The Schools are not ready to open in September. Sorry

  2. I have no doubt the NJEA will make sure the entire universe of New Jersey public schools – all 583 operating districts, plus 92 charter and renaissance schools and more than 140 approved private schools for students with disabilities – will go all-remote next month.

    If the NJEA (and REA) says teachers can’t return now when many school districts are seeing no new infections, and schools have never been cleaner or more prepared for a hybrid model, then when? They’ll find another excuse like, for example: “We won’t return to the schools to teach unless the HVAC is a hospital standard MERV 13 installed in all Ridgewood schools.”

    How are the BOE and Dr. Fishbein supposed to staff the schools in the face of this? Can they hire non-unionized teachers to staff the schools?

    The CARES act complicates staffing further by allowing teachers 17 weeks of leave at 60% of full pay. So how are boards and Superintendents supposed to physically staff their schools?

    Sounds like synchronous learning is here permanently until a vaccine or cure is widely available nationwide.

  3. MERV has some nerve !

  4. The school system should of slowly upgraded the HVAC system a long time ago to a Merv 13 filtration system. Covid 19 is a great example on why it should of previously been done.

  5. Where do you see that CARES provides for such extended paid leave?

  6. Hospitals are full of sick people; schools are not. The MERV 13 rating is a red herring…

  7. CDC recommends Merv 13 as well as ASHRE. Take your fake science elsewhere.

  8. Please show me where the CDC recommends MERV 13 or higher rated filters for schools?

    Can’t find it anywhere in here:

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