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The Importance of a Background Check: What Information is Visible?

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At some point in your life you may have been told that a background check is being run on you for whatever reason. This can sound daunting, but it’s quite a normal process and, in most cases, is just a routine security measure for a specific purpose. Learning what a background check is and understanding what information is included in a background check can help anybody better understand the report that is being generated on them. 

What is a Background Check? 

In short, a background check dives into a person’s criminal and overall background, along with their financial records. The point of this search is solely to determine if a person is who they say they are, and to see if there are any skeletons in their closet that a person might need to know about. Background checks are run by third-party organizations, in most cases, who specialize in this type of search. 

When is a Background Check Necessary?

There are a variety of reasons a background check may be necessary, but the most common is for employment. In fact, roughly 94% of employers require a background check prior to hiring a potential new employee. Additionally, if you are applying for certain travel items, a background check from TSA may be performed. 

What Information Will Be Visible on a Background Check?

The information provided from a background check will vary depending on the scope of the test and the organization or person that is running it. In most cases, however, the information that will be visible from a check includes:

  • Felony or misdemeanor criminal convictions
  • Pending criminal cases
  • Any history of incarceration as an adult
  • Identify verification
  • Social security verification
  • Your credit report including past credit inquiries
  • Education history if available 
  • Drug testing information 
  • Driving records 


Background checks don’t always tell all of the above information in a single report. For example, an employer may inform you that they are simply running a criminal background check, which will only present some of the first few items, but not others such as your credit report. 

Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Running a Check

Before informing an employee you are running a background check or before having one run on yourself, consider the following information:

  • Certain information may be sealed and unavailable based on the background check 
  • It’s best to only consider the essential information to the job when the results come back
  • Always inform an application that you are running a background check to be polite 
  • Consider the type of background check that needs to be run based on the requirements of the role 

The bottom line

Background checks aren’t anything to worry about and are simply used as a way of verifying the fact that you are who you say you are. Whether it’s for an employer or a general person, it’s always best to first disclose sensitive information that they may discover from the report prior to getting the results.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of a Background Check: What Information is Visible?

  1. I’m glad I sold my rental property since Dictator Murphy has made it illegal to deny rentals to ex-convicts.
    Imagine trying to collect rent from an axe murderer?

  2. Backround check is a waste of money since you cannot ‘discriminate’ against deadbeats and ex-cons

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