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The Jersey Art Road Trip Guide Is Back: Enjoying A Road Trip In New Jersey

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The Jersey Art Road Trip Guide is back for the 2023 season to highlight the unforgettable experiences you can enjoy in the Garden State. In a report published in New Jersey Business Magazine, Jeff Vasser, executive director of Travel and Tourism, said New Jersey is famous for its many stunning shore destinations. Nonetheless, the artistic, musical, and cultural experiences throughout the State are lively, sought-after, and engaging to visitors and residents.

Using the Jersey Art Road Trip guide can help you find your favorite road trip destination in the State within minutes. The guide features popular cultural attractions in ten cities and towns in the State. It transforms the ‘where should we go’ question visitors and locals often ask into an enthusiastic ‘how fast can we get there’. Below, you’ll find ideal road trip routes and tips to make the most of your New Jersey road trip.

Routes To Explore

The Delaware River Scenic Byway is an ideal route that offers an opportunity to kayak, bike, bike, and birdwatch. You could also shop at local flea markets or visit art galleries. Your journey will start from Trenton, the State’s capital city and pass through riverside towns like Titusville, Stockton, Lambertville, Raven Rock, and Frenchtown.

Consider taking the route from Mannington in Delaware Bay to Cape May to enjoy a coastal drive. This route guarantees the best road trip in New Jersey and passes through farmland and picturesque old towns. You can make pit stops at Bayshore Center at Bivalve, Fort Mott State Park, and Cape May Lighthouse.

The Palisades Byway is 20 miles long, perfect for short day trips. The road starts from the George Washington Bridge and passes through the Hudson River to the New York border. It provides a better view of the New York skyline and the Hudson River.

Other New Jersey road trip routes worth your time are Pines Barren and Warren Heritage Byway. The Pine Barrens Route is perfect for those who enjoy spooky rides as it passes through forests, wetlands, and unique villages. Warren Heritage, on the other hand, exposes you to 19 miles of hiking trails and landmarks.

Considerations When Planning Your Road Trip

Knowing the best time to visit New Jersey is important when planning your road trip. While you can travel to the Golden State anytime, plan your visit during summer, spring, and autumn between April and November. Summer is hot and humid, but it provides the perfect weather for driving to Jersey Shores and enjoying a laid-back holiday at the beach. The mild weather during spring and autumn provides the best temperature for driving across the State.

Since you’ll be exploring New Jersey by road, you should choose a car designed for long-distance trips. Consider buying a van or minivan, as they offer fuel economy and comfort if you’re traveling with friends or family. To ensure you choose your ideal road trip car, read reviews and ratings for vans and minivans. Find out if your desired car model has high ratings for the sound of the vehicle engine and navigation system. The best van or minivan offers fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety.

As with any travel destination, learn and respect the cultures and customs of New Jersey. Whether it’s the dress code or tipping etiquette, research what appeals to the locals to avoid misunderstandings.

Plan For Activities

It’s wise to plan for activities to engage in to make your road trip memorable. Therefore, research activities you can try in each destination. For example, If you’re traveling to the Palisades route, you can plan a detour to Palisade Interstate Park. This incredible destination features long hiking trails, waterfalls, and high cliffs. You can hike, bike, view waterfalls, or have a picnic overlooking a cliff.

A road trip on Millstone Valley takes you to the Delaware and Raritan Canal system that crosses through the State. Here, you can enjoy kayaking, birdwatching, biking, and walking. You can also go to the beach while road-tripping to Cape May.

Going on a road trip to a destination famous for scenic views and rich taste of culture and art, like New Jersey, is an exciting adventure. However, you must plan for the road trip to ensure you explore popular tourist attractions. You should start by picking a road trip route and highlight pit stops. Next, research the best time to visit, invest in a reliable vehicle, and plan for fun activities.

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