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The National Honor Society Inducts 77 Ridgewood High School

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, The National Honor Society is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program. Our chapter is proud to have been inducting new members since 1965, and Ridgewood High School inducted 77 new members this spring. Throughout the year, members of our chapter serve as role models and leaders for their peers. In addition to their strong academic records which established eligibility for membership, our chapter members have been leaders in many student organizations and serve and give back routinely to Ridgewood High School and the community of Ridgewood.

Next year, the students will be offering peer tutoring services to Ridgewood High School students, organizing and running a student-run drop-in service for homework help in our library after school, leading multiple blood drives, volunteering at the Ridgewood Library, fundraising, cleaning, and providing assistance to various organizations throughout the community. We are proud of this group’s existing accomplishments and look forward to a great year ahead.
Click the link below to view the virtual induction ceremony.

2 thoughts on “The National Honor Society Inducts 77 Ridgewood High School

  1. That’s the work of Vince, Fishbein and Smith the last 4 years… Let’s see what the new crew will do to our ranking. Hold tight

  2. Rankings don’t mean anything.

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