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the Ridgewood blog endorses Christina Krauss for BOE

>At this time the Ridgewood blog would like to endorse Christina Krauss for school board and urge voters to Vote NO on the proposed school budget .

It is long overdue to have to have some differing voices and receptive ears on the BOE. Competing voices and competing ideas breed better solutions as opposed to the current one size fits all ,”the BOE knows better than you” attitude.

A NO vote for the School Budget carries little or no risk given last years minuscule cut by the Village Council. New economic realities demand new solutions and a greater focus on
academic discipline as well as fiscal discipline are now mandatory .

The BOE works for the Taxpayers and not the other way around. Schools are about students and we need to focus on education and learning . Teachers , NJEA reps ,administrators, turf fields and high priced education consultants are all secondary.

Missteps by the current BOE have been well documented , whether its “dumb dumb math” , turf fields in a flood zone, light gate or teacher giveaways .This BOE has for many years been perceived as arrogant , uncaring and beholden to special interests while standards have been lowered ,making it difficult to view the so called “tradition of excellence” as any thing more than mere empty words .

PJ Blogger and the Staff of the Ridgewood blog

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