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The Ridgewood Guild’s Annual International Film Festival , a Celebration of Cinematic Creativity and Storytelling

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Westwood NJ, Every spring, film enthusiasts State wide eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Ridgewood Guild’s Annual International Film Festival (RIFF), a celebration of cinematic creativity and storytelling. This year, amidst changes brought on by the closure of Warner Theater, RIFF announced its temporary relocation to the charming town of Westwood, where the Westwood Theater at 182 Center Avenue will serve as the venue for the festival.

Despite the change in location, Ridgewood Guild’s Annual International Film Festival delivered an unparalleled experience of action and excitement for attendees. With a lineup of captivating films and engaging discussions, this year’s festival promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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There were appearances by actors, Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) and Seth Gilliam (The Walking Dead) and Author Harlan Coben.

One highlight of RIFF 2024 is the inclusion of a panel discussion featuring industry veterans who shed light on why New Jersey has emerged as a premier destination for filmmakers. These seasoned professionals shared invaluable insights, best practices, and essential resources for navigating the dynamic landscape of film production in the state.

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Among the esteemed panelists were Charles Ricciardi, Senior Project Manager for the NJ Motion Picture & Television Commission, whose expertise provided invaluable guidance on navigating the intricacies of filming in New Jersey. Joining him was Dom Lampasona, DI Post Producer at Phiphen Studios, whose insights into post-production processes added depth to the discussion.

Greg D’Alessandro, known for his work as the writer/producer of “The Zombie Wedding” and Chief Executive of Weekly World News Film, brought a wealth of experience in independent filmmaking to the table. Lastly, Glenn Allen, Owner of Brainstorm Digital, shared his perspective on the evolving landscape of visual effects in film production.

As RIFF continues to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, the festival remains dedicated to providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talents and connect with audiences. With engaging discussions and captivating films on the horizon, RIFF 2024 offered an unforgettable cinematic experience for all who attend.

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