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The Ridgewood Schools 2013-2014 Teacher Recognition Awards


The Ridgewood Schools 2013-2014 Teacher Recognition Awards

The 2013-2014 Teacher Recognition Award winners have been announced, as follows:

Educational Services Personnel : Gila Elbaum (Travell School)

Hawes School:Thomas Trubac

Orchard School :Renee Sherer

Ridge School: Lucia Galeazza

Somerville School: Mia Sarnella-Buzzard

Travell School: Janet Singer

Willard School: Christopher Kearns

Benjamin Franklin Middle School :Mary VanHorne

George Washington Middle School :Suzanne Zilvetti

Ridgewood High School : Lillian Labowsky

Each award recipient will receive a stipend of $500 ($250 awarded by the individual Home and School Association and $250 awarded by the Board). The Ridgewood Teacher Recognition Award reception will be held at the Education Center on Tuesday, May 6 at 7:30 p.m. for the award recipients, their families, school parents, teachers and friends.

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