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The Valley Expansion is Not Dead : Don’t be Fooled !

7 thoughts on “The Valley Expansion is Not Dead : Don’t be Fooled !

  1. Valley needs to expand and modernize or get left behind just as long as it does not double in size.

  2. Please vote for Jane Shinozuka and Keith Killion. There are strong undertones that Aronsohn, is a Valley Wolf in sheeps clothing? Is he the reason Valley’s lawyer is saying once this election is fixed their way the can get their H-Zone passed? Until the H-Zone is removed we are in danger. Please vote for only these 2 candidates.

  3. “Valley Attorney Robin Goldfisher told valley managers once the may Village Council elections are over the H-Zone ordinance will advance as is?”

    is this possible? How would that work?

  4. Its official: Paul Ahronson is a Valley Stooge. He asked voters to vote for himself, Gwenn Halk and Albert Pucharelli.

    Vote Killian, Shinazuka and Russ!

  5. URGENT:

    Aronsohn sells out supporters just to be Mayor!!!

    Paul Aronsohn has injected some of the most divisive and nasty politics into our local Village council elections. In his efforts to become mayor, something that will remain elusive if Killion and Shinozuka prevail, he has sold out those that have supported his candidacy. Aronsohn’s self serving plea to Village voters to pull the lever for himself, Hauck and Puciarelli, must met with swift and decisive action. Remove Aronsohn lawn signs and either bullet vote for Shinozuka and Killion or better yet, vote for Killion, Shinozuka and Puciarelli.
    The only reason Aronsohn seeks voters to support him with Hauck and Puciarelli is so he can be crowned king! Aronsohn sold everyone out. HE MUST GO!

  6. Mc Greevey is not gay. Paul Aronsohn will be Mayor!

    Needed to add a little levity to the night.

    Vote Forenza, Killion, Shinozuka!!!!

  7. I will vote for Killion and Shinozuka. Aronsohn just stabbed the mayor in the back! He wants weak partners on the council so that he can be in charge. He is not the nice guy that he pretends to be.

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