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>These are Negotiations!

>A recently discovered document by the Concerned Residents of Ridgewood created by Valley’s Architect’s TRO Jung Brannen . It is part of a larger record that the architects are using to track the negotiations between Valley and the Village Professionals. Notice they use words like Compromise, Proposed and Agreed. All words that are normally associated with negotiating. They also name the Village Planner as holding-out for a ratio of 4.2 car spaces after Valley at first offered 3.9 and then later offered 4.0. This shows that Valley is constantly changing the “margins” of their proposal to make it conform to feedback from the Village Professionals.

Irrespective of what the Planning Board might say, Valley’s professionals believe they are negotiating with the Professionals from the Planning Board! For Valley this has the effect of being a backdoor deal, avoiding the more transparent public process. It is expected that Planning Board professionals will give their “option” on the Valley proposal on April 1st. Then it is up to the Planning Board and Village Council.


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