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“Three Amigos is a racist term, ” NO, IT IS NOT claims reader

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

file photo by Boyd Loving the 3 amigos ; Gwen, Paul and Al the absolute low point in Ridgewood History 

“Three Amigos is a racist term, ” you write. NO, IT IS NOT. Here is the origin from Wikipedia:

Three Amigos (marketed as ¡Three Amigos!) is a 1986 American western comedy film directed by John Landis and written by Lorne Michaels, Steve Martin, and Randy Newman. Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short star as the title characters,[4] three silent film stars who are mistaken for real heroes by the suffering people of a small Mexican village and must find a way to live up to their reputation.Critical response
¡Three Amigos! received generally mixed reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 46% of 35 film critics gave the film a positive review, with a rating average of 5.1 out of 10.[10] Film critic Roger Ebert awarded the film one out of four stars and said, “The ideas to make Three Amigos into a good comedy are here, but the madness is missing.”[11] Janet Maslin of The New York Times gave the film a mixed review, writing that it was “likable” but lacked a “distinctive style”, and then certain jokes are crafted with “enjoyable sophistication”.[12] Caroline Wetsbrook of Empire awarded the film three out of five stars and wrote that it was “good-natured enough to sustain its ultimately thin premise”.[13]

Despite this, the film has since been reviewed more favorably and has become a cult classic. Neil McNally of the website Den of Geek noted that the film was “unfairly overlooked” when first released, and praised the performances of Martin, Chase, and Short; the comedic scriptwriting of Landis; and the “sweeping, majestic” score by Bernstein.[14] The film was ranked #79 on Bravo’s list of the “100 Funniest Movies”.[15
I actually took the film out of library and watched it. It is not racist.

What I hate is misinformed people jumping on a politically correct bandwagon, without thinking and using political correctness to the detriment of the issue. The issue here is RACISM. You probably don’t give a damn about racism or you would have taken the time and thought to research the term Three Amigos that has been so frequently used on this blog. Don’t you think , ASSHOLE, (how about that for an expression) that the intelligent , educated and well-informed Ridgewood residents who contribute to this excellent blog would not have already years ago called out the term by now if it was racist since it has been used for about four years or more on this Blog.
Do you think we need an idiot who thinks he is trendy and politically correct to tell us something about racism. I have a suggestion for you: Start reading excellent nonfiction in history and the classics in fiction. Are you even literate?

12 thoughts on ““Three Amigos is a racist term, ” NO, IT IS NOT claims reader

  1. So the hell with you. It is not racist. It is just meant to describe the three of them, who are horrible people. Actually make that the five of them. Add Sonenfeld and Voigt to the mix.

  2. I can’t believe some SNOWFLAKE said that “The 3 Amigos” is a racist term.

  3. a·mi·go
    nounNorth Americaninformal
    plural noun: amigos

    used to address or refer to a friend, chiefly in Spanish-speaking areas.
    “I will think about it, amigo”

  4. Ok James, let change it to the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ” To include Roberta but we have to change horseman to horse persons to be inclusive and non gender specific. No offense to horses.

  5. The 3 amicus.

  6. The number one liberal rule for winning an argument. Shout “racist” at your opponent. Wins every time.

  7. I am a liberal and I think the term, “ The Three Amigos” is too good a label for the infamous three. As far as it having racist connotations, that is really a stretch. I think of Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase. They were funny. I don’t think Paul, Gwenn and Al have a sense of humor and they definitely are not funny.

  8. How about the five assholes? Everyone has an asshole, so that can’t be racist.

  9. Un-fab five…?

  10. OMG cut me a break. It’s offensive and insulting name calling – not after a humorous and light-hearted movie. I am a registered Republican and the least politically correct person I know. 60 years old decidedly NOT a snowflake. Why doesn’t James post my entire article for context?

  11. in the movie it was an parodie on three down on thier luck silent film
    stars that ended up in mexico where they get mistaken for real mexican
    heros and they used their acting skills to good use in order to thwart
    an villianous plot to take over the town after an failed first attempt
    to take on el-guappo the three likeley heros returned back to success
    and the film was loosely based on an cartoon called the three caballeros
    featuring donald duck but the racism was played for laughs after all it
    was the 80’s that took liberties on cultural stereotypes no matter
    the medium .
    centrevez ent uk

  12. Don’t call them assholes. That is an insult to the very important anatomical feature that removes waste from our system. These three amigos brought waste in and accumulated it. Maybe they should be called hemorrhoids, which block up the waste removal.

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