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Time to say Goodbye to Turncoat Bergen County Sheriff Mike Saudino aka the “double dipper in chief” and elect Manny Alfonso

Manuel Alfonso
November 5,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Bergen County Sheriff Mike Saudino rakes in more than any other double-dipping sheriff – $138,000 in salary plus $130,000 from pension. Manny Alfonso is eligible for an $80,000 a year pension, but has promised not to collect retirement pay while he serves as sheriff.

Mike Saudino has raked in more than $1.8 million as sheriff – and he still wants more!

Bergen County Sheriff Mike Saudino aka the “double dipper in chief” is about to change his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. This puts Saudino Bergen County’s top double dipper, $267,987 – $138,000 salary + $129,987 pension as an Emerson Borough police retiree in Democrat hands .

The anticipated party switch came as no surprise, given recent history. In 2014, Saudino back stabbed incumbent Republican County Executive Kathe Donovan and made known his preference for the Democratic candidacy of challenger James Tedesco.

Tedesco ultimately won the County Executive office and Democrats in Bergen armed with Union money have bucked national trends further consolidated power in Bergen under the leadership of Bergen County Democratic Committee Chairman Lou Stellato.

It’s time to elect a new sheriff in town Manny Alfonso.

In his own words ,this is why:

I was born in Cuba under the repressive regime of Fidel Castro and the Communist Party.  My father Manuel had the courage to speak out against Cuba’s abusive government and he was imprisoned for speaking the truth.

In 1970 my mother Amnery, my sister Elizabeth and I fled to the United States. We eventually settled in Union City, NJ where I attended high school while also working as an EMT. About a year after graduating high school I began my law enforcement career, and shortly thereafter I attended college.  After a lot of hard work, I graduated from Montclair State University (magma cum laude) and undertook graduate studies at Columbia University. Today I am a high ranking executive for a large law enforcement agency.

I know the reality of government oppression and the value of personal freedom and political liberty. I came to the United States as a poor immigrant yet I was able to achieve success and take advantage of the opportunities this country offers.  America gave my family and me one of the most precious gifts in the world – freedom. And because of that freedom I was able to choose a career, raise a family and enjoy the fruits of my hard labor.

How can I ever pay back what America gave me? By putting myself in a position where I can protect my fellow Americans and let them keep more of their hard-earned money.  That position is Bergen County Sheriff.-Manny Alfonso

Why he is running for Bergen County Sheriff :

I have spent my entire adult life in law enforcement and I have worked hard to live up to the integrity and honesty that the career demands. I decided to run for office because I have grown disgusted with the waste and mismanagement I have witnessed in government over my career. I have come to recognize that far too often the people we elect to serve us are serving themselves.

There are too many people in government who succumb to the power and riches of politics. They are more interested in protecting their personal interest than in protecting the interest of the hardworking taxpayers, who are burdened by the high cost of government services.  I believe wholeheartedly that I can run the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department more efficiently and more effectively than it is being run now. I will take politics out of the department and do what is in the best interest of protecting the community. -Manny Alfonso

3 thoughts on “Time to say Goodbye to Turncoat Bergen County Sheriff Mike Saudino aka the “double dipper in chief” and elect Manny Alfonso

  1. Turncoat Mike should have switched his alliance from the GOP to Dem before accepting funds from the GOP to initially run for office. Time to clean house.

  2. That creep Saudino was running fundraisers as a Republican right up to the point that he jumped parties. He has used his jackboot thugs to influence elections, and I don’t mean the County Sheriff’s Officers, but rather their wives. He is a horrible horrible man.

  3. On top of everything, the man of his word and family man is an adulterer screwing his neighbor for years

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