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Time to Stand Up For New Jersey’s Small Businesses

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RAMSEY NJ, Frank Pallotta, Republican candidate for New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District, offered praise of the New Jersey Republican Party’s lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy. The lawsuit comes as Murphy faces a crisis of leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. From long-term care facility deaths approaching 6,000 to an unemployment rate that has soared to 15%, it is clear that in comparing New Jersey to other states that these failures rest squarely on the shoulders of Phil Murphy and his gross incompetence in managing our state through this crisis. On the eve of Memorial Day Weekend, in particular, we should be ashamed of the fact that COVID-19 was allowed to spread unchecked—thanks to the policies of Governor Murphy—at the state-run New Jersey Veterans Home, creating one of the deadliest epicenter for the virus in the state.

Further exacerbating the crisis is Murphy’s unwillingness to provide the most basic of timetables for when Garden State businesses can begin to reopen. This stands in stark contrast to nearly every other state in the union. Once again, in Democrat hands, New Jersey leads from behind. Instead of allowing small businesses to innovate to open their doors once more to customers, Phil Murphy is content to watch demand at food pantries grow and to arrogantly proclaim that those desperately waiting for unemployment checks from the state’s broken system, can move to another state. Now is the time for action.

“I stand in complete support of Chairman Steinhardt’s bold decision to stand up for hardworking New Jersey businesses. Before the COVID-19 crisis, businesses were being chased away by Phil Murphy’s punitive taxes and runaway spending. Now, he has unilaterally deemed some businesses essential while carelessly categorizing thousands of businesses that are willing to reopen safely, as nonessential. I have news for Phil Murphy hiding away in his $6 million-dollar mansion: every business is essential to the families in this state. I would ask that Congressman Josh Gottheimer take a stand for the businesses in this district and support limits on Governor Murphy’s ego.”

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  1. I think it’s time to thank all the Village of Ridgewood Crews. The sanitation department, recycling department, yard waste department, department of public works, signal department, Parks Dept, Water Pollution, these crews have been keeping the village Ridgewood running day-to-day .

  2. That’s right “Thank you” but you forgot to tell the resident that thank yous don’t get. We want a big raise cause Ridgewood can afford it.

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