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Top 10 Websites That Can Make Your Life Better

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From getting a internet package from BIC to finding an epic lunch recipe, the Internet helps with everything. The web space is full of information, with thousands and millions of different websites. But like any other platform, the Internet also has certain websites that are more reliable, helpful, and up-to-date than the others. Such websites can make life easier with their valuable information, educating people quickly and effectively. But what makes them stand out is how practical they are and how well they communicate with their audiences. Besides, everyone prefers learning from a friendly teacher who makes concepts easier to understand! 

Top 10 Websites That Will Make Life Easier

Whether one is interested in diet control or the different laws worldwide, the following list has something for everybody. These ten websites are in no order, but they have one thing in common: they’re all well-loved by their audiences! 

#1. Codecademy

If programming sounds interesting but complicated, Codecademy helps one understand and learn it better. It is an online destination that instructs and educates its audiences regarding the basics of major programming languages, including C++, Ruby, Python, and, the classic, JavaScript. So for people who don’t want to read lengthy books and get a certification but are interested in learning about programming languages, Codecademy will be just right! 

#2. Calorie King

For those looking to lose weight or just stay healthy by keeping a check on their daily diet, Calorie King will be a God-sent! This website helps users calculate the exact calories in a chocolate bar, cookie, and a slice of their favorite cake! It also helps audiences pre-plan their meals and pick the most low-calorie and nutritious food items to help them lose weight more effectively. The website also has a blog with valuable tips, accurate information, and other tools that help audiences maintain a healthy lifestyle and control their weight. 

#3. Let Me Google That For You

True to its name, this website helps users search for basic questions on the Internet without going through all the material online. It saves time, energy, and effort and is also a great reminder to people that everything can be Googled! This website is a lifesaver in classrooms and group discussions where people ask the most seemingly basic questions no one knows the answers to.

#4. Wilderness Survival Skills

Campers, zoologists, and other people who are fond of living in the wilderness will find this website exceptionally fun and educational. Wilderness Survival Skills is a platform for outdoor enthusiasts who like mountaineering, camping, hiking, and other such activities. The website equips them with the proper knowledge and skills to be prepared in case of an emergency so they can stay safe in the wild and enjoy their trip to the fullest. From navigation to packing and surviving without basic essentials on hand, Wilderness Survival Skills helps people survive in the wild. 

#5. DIY Courses

Some people are very fond of taking up DIY projects in their free time. It’s a productive hobby for both kids and adults and helps them make new things giving them a sense of accomplishment. For such people, DIY Courses is an excellent website. It includes ideas for both kids and adults from the most creative and innovative experts around the world. Children will especially find it fun, and it will unlock their creative potential giving a spark to their innovative side. 

#6. Have I Been Pwned? 

During a time where technology has taken a full swing, cybersecurity is a concern for everybody. From social media accounts to emails, everything needs to be protected. For anyone who suspects something suspicious or wants to know if they have been hacked, this website helps them verify their suspicions. It addresses the problem, helps people prevent any future hacking attempts, and keeps their accounts safe. 

#7. Nolo

At some point, everyone should know fundamental law and their legal rights. When people are wrongfully being held accountable, arrested, or searched, understanding the legal rights of the country they are in helps them stay more confident and avoid being tricked. Nolo is a website that provides accurate legal advice. It answers all the legal questions and provides blogs, research articles, and other accurate information to help audiences understand the law better. 

#8. New York Times Cooking

For those who like to cook, this website will be a sight for sore eyes! It has plenty of new innovative recipes for everyone to try, and they’re all fun and delicious to make. But what makes the New York Times cooking stand out is that it offers the best recipes from the most renowned culinary experts worldwide. Nigella Lawson and many others are a part of this platform, making it more professional and reputable.  

#9. The Lonely Planet Shop

Travel enthusiasts will especially love this website as it is one of the best travel guide publishers worldwide. The Lonely Planet Shop contains everything one would want to take along when going on an adventure. This website has everything from important information about the destination to the best places one should go to and traveling on a specific budget! 

#10. Polish My Writing

Many people like to write for fun while others do it professionally. In both cases, polishing these skills is a good idea, and Polish My Writing is a great way to do it. This website helps audiences learn various tips and tricks to improve their writing and polish their skills. The tools on the website include spell checkers, grammar checkers, and various resources that help improve one’s writing. This way, the writers’ confidence increases, and their skills become more professional so they can monetize them (if they want, that is!) 


Whether someone likes to write, cook, travel, or gain basic knowledge about law and coding, the Internet has something for everyone. And if the right platforms are followed, one can learn a lot without having to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars or spend hours sitting in a classroom. The trick is to know where to look! 

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