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Top 4 Coating on glasses that do your eyes a whole lot good!

Many people have a lot of trouble understanding what good glasses coating does to your eyes. With quite a handful of different types of coating in the market, it’s quite understandable to get confused between them. Some coatings are applied to your lenses to give them a better aesthetic like different tints. Tints offer different gradients of colours to make your visuals more beautiful while you look exceptionally stylish. Apart from these coatings, most of them work towards getting rid of glare and reflection to offer improved visual acuity.

However, your normal prescription glasses need essential quality to ensure better vision experience to get through every day. 

Let’s discuss what these top 4 coatings are and why your glasses should contain. 

X-Blue light Coating

X-blue light coating is also known as a blue light coating that’s now quite famous among every screen user. Screen consumption in this time is not just increased predominantly but also leads to serious ailments to our physical and mental being. The biggest threat coming from the screen is directed towards our eyes. All our digital devices contain screens which emit harmful blue light rays. These detrimental blue light rays penetrate the retina of our eyes and cause serious eye discomfort and progressive diseases. 

Visual discomfort like eye-strain, headache, burning sensation, itchiness and many other sorts of problems. If the blue light concentration in our eyes is not stopped at the right moment, it is most likely to cause progressive problems like macular degeneration. Now that we all screen for a minimum amount of 4 to 5 hours, our glasses need to be decked with a blue light coating.

Blue light glasses offer improved screen use by eradicating all sorts of blue light rays into our eyes. These coating on the glasses blocks or reflect incoming blue light rays and keeps your eyes protected for a lifetime.


Blue light rays are not the only light rays that will cause problems in your eyes. Glares, hues and reflecting light rays from traffic lights or LED lights to cause major visual acuity problems. Glares are significantly problematic to our eyes because it hinders the sharpness of our vision.

We can’t risk such conditions while performing extreme activities like driving, playing any sports amidst reflecting rays from water bodies or mountains. Glares come from LED light, billboard, headlight and from horizontal bodies like mountain, river or pool and snow. Glares are so harmful that many drivers while driving at night get special glasses to lower the risk.

Even if you are reading glasses or any prescription glasses, the reflected rays from your LED lights will hit your eyes from the front and side. That will cause light refraction and result in distraction. Hence getting an anti-glare coating on glasses is a highly prioritized feature that should be taken as a considerable fact.


Anti-scratch is the most underrated feature in glasses that should get its important recognition. Buying new glasses is not worth risking anything, especially if it’s costly prescription glasses. However, with our humanly activities and habits, it’s common to keep our glasses here and there. Which will ultimately cause scratches on the screens that will make your vision and new glasses quality turn futile real quick? 

However expensive your new designer glasses must be, getting scratched on their lenses will not make them workable again. The scratches spoil the clarity of your vision and it doesn’t look good while looking at it. Hence getting anti-scratch on the glasses is a smarter move to lose future complication and expense.


There are times when you step outdoors in your glasses. You can’t get hold of your sunglasses while stepping out of your office or college. Many times you have to step out in your prescription glasses in the sun. Which will cause quite a problem for you to underestimate the effects of sun UV rays? Sun exposure can’t be taken lightly and letting your eyes out in the sun is not a healthy move. Hence getting the anti-UV coating on your glasses will help you from feeling free in your glasses without any worry and also getting active protection.

Get free coatings: Anti-glare, Anti-scratch, Anti-UV and Impact Resistance

Many retailers do provide different sets of protective coating at the expense of literally robbing your money. You might find these protective coatings quite beneficial for your eyes but paying such a heavy amount makes your doubt your decision. Hence we have the best solution for you.

Specscart, a Manchester-based eyewear startup understands your concern of throwing extra money on such complementary features. Hence it offers all of its glasses fully loaded with Anti-glare, Anti-scratch, Anti-UV and Impact Resistance for free. You don’t have to choose anyone and step with a huge fortune, simply get them all together for free. All these features in glasses also improve its quality and durability.



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