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Top 5 Fetishes in Life for Which One Cannot Be Ashamed

When you get together with a partner for the first time, you’ll probably have no idea about their sexual preferences. Exploring their bodies and the way they like to be pleasured is all part of the fun of getting together with someone new. 

However, while many people share common turn-ons, there are others that are less common. These are often described as fetishes. 

The word fetish is often whispered in hushed tones as if it’s something to be embarrassed about – but that’s really not the case. There are limitless fetishes that you might encounter, but below we’ve listed some of the most common that there’s no need to be ashamed of.

What Is a Fetish?

We’ve touched on the subject briefly above, but it’s fairly common to discover that a partner has a fetish. Because of the stigma, some people are embarrassed to admit that they have a fetish, so you might only start to suspect something by observing your partner’s responses. 

If you notice that they have a particular interest, it might be time to have a talk. By letting them know that you’re not judging their preferences and that it’s safe, to be honest about what they like, you’re more likely to hear the truth. 

Some couples meet through an online fetish chat because they share a passion. This makes it easier as there are no awkward conversations about what you’re into. You can find fetish dating sites where it’s possible to search for others with the same or a complimentary fetish. If you’re still a little bit shy about opening up in person, the safety of an online dating site can help you to overcome your hesitation. 

The dictionary defines a fetish as something which is an intense attraction to either inanimate objects or certain body parts outside the sexual norm. For example, breasts aren’t normally considered to be a fetish as they’re a common part of intimacy and attraction. In contrast, smoking or feet are fetishes that many people have. The actor Jack Black owned up to having a healthy foot fetish which he likes to indulge! 

Fetishes and kinks are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. A fetish is an attraction, while a kink is a certain act, such as being tied up. 

The Top 5 Most Popular Fetishes

It would be impossible to capture all of the fetishes that exist as they are very individual and can vary wildly. However, there are some which crop up regularly, and despite feeling taboo, they’re very common. 

Here are five of the most popular fetishes found.

Long Hair

Hair is an enormously important part of appearance and plays a fundamental role in attraction, It’s not uncommon for people to have a preference for hair, but that doesn’t make it a fetish. 

For some, the lure of hair is more than just a preference for a red-head or a brunette. The idea of being brushed, stroked, and cosseted by soft, luscious locks is enough to create genuine arousal. 

A long hair fetish might involve smelling the hair or running it against their bare skin. In some cases, the long hair can be wrapped around the penis and used for direct stimulation. 

The degree of the fetish can vary in intensity. For some, the hair must play a big role in any intimacy, while for others, just the sight of it and being able to run their hands through it is enough.

Long hair is often considered to be the very epitome of femininity, so it’s not surprising that this is one of the most common fetishes around.

Expressive Arms

This might be more of a surprising one, but arms are often identified as a focal point for attraction. Some like the powerful curve of a bicep while others are attracted to the softness of a plumper arm; there’s no one single thing that defines an arm fetish.

The softness of the arm skin seems to play a large part in the appeal, together with the way in which a person moves their arms around. Using their arms and hands in a more expressive way can be very suggestive and appeal to those interested in this body part. 

Body Piercing

It’s pretty common to have a pierced nose, eyebrow or tongue these days, so those with a body piercing fetish have much greater opportunities for attraction. Some like partners who have multiple piercings, including in intimate areas, while others are satisfied with just one or two piercings. 

It’s common for someone with a body piercing fetish to enjoy licking or tugging gently at the piercing during passionate moments. They may also have piercings themselves and ask their partner to do the same. 


Lingerie is so commonplace it seems strange to classify it as a fetish. However, when it goes beyond an attraction because your partner is wearing it to being aroused by the item of clothing itself, it becomes a fetish. 

A lingerie fetish may sometimes combine with another fetish, such as wrapping panties around a foot. Your partner may want to wear the lingerie themselves instead of, or as well as, seeing it on you. 

Unusual Outfits

Role play would be classed as a kink, but the outfits that you might wear would be a fetish. Someone who is unusually aroused by a certain outfit would be classed as having a fetish. The outfits might be typically erotic, or they could be something completely different such as athletic clothing or nightwear.

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