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Top 9 Brands Who Are Crushing It With Instagram Stories

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Social media has inserted itself firmly in everyone’s day to day life – be it Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. Advertising and marketing have, in turn, evolved to deliver quick content that can be received by users and potential clients. This is where Instagram stories play a crucial role. They help brands and pages assess the number of people viewing their content and better understand the level of engagement that they have or which they require.  

Some brands are way ahead of the rest when it comes to utilizing stories uniquely – in a way that best suits their ideology and their company. Read on to see how the top 9 brands are killing it at the Instagram Story game and also using unique concepts like Instagram video editor, insightful content and technology to transform their impact. 


Capitalizing on their existing clientele, and their strong presence worldwide, Converse uses stories to engage with users. Interactive content, creative advertisements, bright artwork, and bold typography – these are tools that Converse uses to catch your attention. The stories offer an insight into the versatility of the brand and help increase their reach. The story seeks to make the brand relatable to the GenZ and Millenials, in a seemingly effortless manner. Also, the stories and posts have a uniform language that subconsciously drives the brand’s ethos.

  1. 9GAG

A platform designed to provide its followers with humorous content, 9gag is popular with all ages. The brand has curated memes, GIFs, and videos that have a wide reach. And the stories only elevate the user experience. They incorporate content that is created by their followers to personalize the experience, and in turn, bring in more followers to engage with their content. The wide range of story categories that they cover – quizzes, Q&A, Giveaways, etc. – set this brand apart from its competitors.

  1. GOPRO

Engaging with users takes on a whole new meaning with GoPro stories. The brand stands out simply because it uses original GoPro footage to make interesting short videos on their stories. The stories make the users feel like they are a part of the adventures, and this connection helps build a solid relationship with followers. The clean videos and strong typography keeps viewers on the edge of their seat. Intermittent stories relating to ongoing promotions and sales help market the camera brand as well. 

  1. NASA

If you follow NASA on Instagram, then you know that they use the platform to educate and spread awareness. The posts are iconic images, with content that relates to the photo. The stories then relay more information about the post. This way they drive home the content they want to put across to the followers. NASA uses stories as a tool to show the behind-the-scenes of each post. This may also include a  Q&A with scientists, or photos of astronauts, or highlighting milestones of the body.

  1. InVideo

InVideo is a software that is best known for its video editing feature. The brand exploits Instagram to its maximum potential – and uses stories as an effective way to engage and promote their brand. The tutorials, challenges, and live videos are interactive and captivating. The company is one of the top platforms for ad maker and they share tips and tricks on their stories – be it via templates, shortcuts, suggestions, etc. The stories are their way of sharing accolades, interacting with trendsetters in the field, or just getting to know their followers.

  1. E! NEWS

The entertainment industry generates enough content to overwhelm any website. Which is why E! News is a template of how the industry should use stories to deliver content. They use the story to put an eye-catching image and utilize the swipe up/ see more option to take viewers to their website. This subtle integration of static articles to visual media makes them stand out against competitor pages. Also, the usage of celebrities in stories as one-time hosts makes them appealing to a larger user group.


Buzzfeed is popular because the quizzes, articles, and lists are relatable and entertaining. They took this one step further with stories. They showcase the new content they are generating as snippets on stories – with the swipe up feature linking the story to the articles. They also throw up quizzes, polls, Q&A, and other interactive activities on their stories – to engage with their followers. The wide range of topics and the different styles of content curation make them unique in the story game.


Make-up brands need to be relatable to generate sales. Sephora uses stories to increase their reach with their followers. Do-it-yourself tutorials, reviews by users, expert feedback, and trend updates are a few ways that Sephora uses stories to engage with its audience. The stories are colorful, original, and catchy. Also, Sephora uses stories as a way to advertise new products and offers. This fresh approach is why they are winning the Instagram game.


Another brand that educates engagingly, National Geographic has been a trailblazer since its inception. The page uses visually captivating content – be it photographs or videos – to raise awareness. They incorporate simple messages in theme with the content, in an easy to digest format. The wide range of topics they cover and the attention to fact and detail in each story is in line with the brand identity. They use stories in a  strong and impactful manner.

You can utilise some of these tricks for marketing your brand through these 15-second marvels as well!

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