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Trinity’s Triumph a Film Featuring Father Stephen Fichter of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church in Wyckoff

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Wyckoff NJ,  in a move to bridge spiritual and cinematic realms, Father Stephen Fichter, a distinguished priest from St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church in Wyckoff, NJ, has transitioned from sermons to the silver screen with the release of his debut feature film, Trinity’s Triumph, becoming the first priest to pen a narrative feature-length film. Trinity’s Triumph is now available on-demand on most major streaming platforms and streaming on Prime Video (SVOD) 2/22/24.

Trinity’s Triumph stands out as a poignant reflection of Father Fichter’s own journey, interwoven with captivating characters and rich storytelling. Set against the backdrop of the seminary, the film chronicles the paths of three young seminarians (one played by Emmy-nominated rising star Young Mazino, of HBO’s Beef, The Last of Us) who are guided by the wise and beloved mentor, Monsignor Heck, portrayed by the talented Emmy Winner Joe Morton (known most recently for his role in ABC-TV’s Scandal). As their individual journeys unfold, each seminarian confronts internal conflicts, ultimately grappling with their divine calling under Monsignor Heck’s nurturing influence.

While developing the script, Father Fichter sought guidance and feedback from esteemed industry professionals, including renowned Italian film director Franco Zefferelli and best-selling author Mary Higgins Clark. Their invaluable insights and encouragement bolstered Father Stephen’s creative vision, infusing Trinity’s Triumph with depth and authenticity.

In addition to actors Joe Morton and Young Mazino, the film features Joshua Wills (Blue Bloods), Adriel Irizzary (Other People’s Lives), Narci Regina (Harlan Corben’s Shelter) and Melissa Bolona (Feliz NaviDAD). Several of the cast members are NJ residents.

Trinity’s Triumph was released in November 2023. It is currently available on various platforms to rent or to buy, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, Comcast, DirectTV, Dish, Cox, Fios, Spectrum, Microsoft and more. It is free to watch on advertiser-supported platforms such as Roku, Tubi, Plex and Local Now. Xumo and Freevee are launching in February.

Writer/Producer Father Fichter reflects on the film’s significance, stating, “Trinity’s Triumph is a modern, behind-the-scenes look at life in the priesthood. Often, people only interact with a priest at a baptism, wedding, or funeral. They might see them in town, at a restaurant, or visiting someone in the hospital. For the most part, priests are part of the everyday landscape, but generally not very known well as individuals. Priests have their struggles just like everyone else.”

Echoing this sentiment Joe Morton affirms, “Trinity’s Triumph is the trial and tribulations of three young men, close friends, who struggle through dedication, celibacy, and self-worth, in pursuit of the priesthood, shepherd by an older priest, who steadfastly remains their teacher, mentor, inspiration, and confidant, unconditionally. Trinity’s Triumph is a sojourn of love.”

The film was written by Father Stephen Fichter, Kathe Carson and Michael J. Wickham. It is directed by Michael J. Wickham. Producers are Tiziano Tucci, Damiano Tucci, Father Stephen Fichter, Kathe Carson and Thomas H. Hanna. The Executive Producer is Mickey Gooch.

It is being distributed by Quiver. Please visit Trinity’s Triumph for the trailer and information on where to watch the movie. New platforms continue to be added. Also, visit the movie’s Facebook page here.

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  1. A wonderful film created by a wonderful person. Father Stephen is the perfect representation of a new generation of religious leaders. As a parishioner of Saint E’s in Wyckoff, I have witnessed many non Catholics who come to Mass just to hear him give a sermon.

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