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True Eternity Fundraiser for the ASPCA and NY Food Banks

True Eternity Fundraiser

Hello Im helping promote a fundraiser i believe in. Organizer was kind to start this and will not take a dime from it. All will go to ASPCA to save animals and Food Bank for NYC to feed the hungry. 28 more days left. When its over and the money is sent to both charities I will be posting the proof showing the money was received by these 2 charities. Lets reach our goal 6 donation already hopefully we can make it to more. Any questions you can always contact the organizer also. Thank you.

Organized by: shamanie maharaj

Buy a tshirt to help feed the hungry and save an animal.

For every tshirt bought the money will help feed someone and save an animal. The money will go directly to the ASPCA and the Food Bank for NYC

All funds raised will go to shamanie maharaj, the organizer for ASPCA and Food Bank for NYC.


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