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Twitter’s Former Security Chief Accuses Company Negligent Security Practices


Whistleblower complaint disclosures to the SEC many damning reports and accusations

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Ridgewood NJ, Twitter’s former head of security Peiter “Mudge” Zatko has accused the company of negligent security practices. He claims that Twitter misled federal regulators about its safety and that the company fails to properly estimate the number of bots on its platform. About half of Twitter’s 7,000 or so full-time employees have access to users’ sensitive personal data and internal software. Twitter has failed to delete user data in the past as the records were spread too widely among internal systems to be tracked. The company could face significant fines if the accusations are proven to be correct.

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The explosive allegations could have huge consequences, including federal fines and the potential unraveling of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter.

Zatko’s disclosures to the SEC contain many damning reports and accusations, some of the most significant including Indiscriminate access, where a significant part of Twitter’s vulnerability is that too many employees have access to critical systems, claims Zatko in his complaint. It states that around half of Twitter’s 7,000 or so full-time employees have access to users’ sensitive personal data (like phone numbers) and internal software (to alter how the service works) and that this access is not closely monitored. He also alleges that thousands of laptops contain complete copies of Twitter’s source code.

11 thoughts on “Twitter’s Former Security Chief Accuses Company Negligent Security Practices

  1. Musk wins again…

      1. Try to keep up

        1. So, “I don’t know.” Got it.

          1. No.
            No, you don’t “get it”.
            You are too lazy? to put in the work to understand the situation.

            It is NOT my job to educate you.
            It is NOT my desire to spoon feed you information so you can satisfy a passing curiosity.

            If you are really interested in understanding the complexities of the Twitter/Musk interactions and how this news impacts Musk – specifically on the Twitter deal and on his larger financial and social initiatives, then YOU will need to put in the time and do the research.

            Regardless, your understanding of the situation DOES NOT change the fact that this is good for Musk.

            If you do the research and ask an intelligent question, I will engage with you.

            1. LOL.

              It’s like asking your wife what’s wrong.
              “If you don’t know I’m not telling.”

              1. If you spent half as much time doing actual research rather than asking people to spoon feed you answers you’d be much better informed

                1. So many replies when you could just answer


                  1. Do your own research. It’s actually quite obvious. Go to any of the thousands of finacial websites and read an article or two on Twitter and Musk. I’m confident you can figure it out.

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