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Unlocked Car Stolen In Glen Rock found in Newark

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ,  according to Glen Rock Police a car stolen from a Glen Rock driveway was found in Newark Saturday. It was the latest example of an unlocked car being “stolen” from a Bergen County driveway.

Police said a resident reported the vehicle stolen overnight on Saturday. The car had been left unlocked with the keys inside. Sports equipment was also left inside the car, and police said a second vehicle  also unlocked had been entered. In total, police said roughly $1,770 worth of property had been taken, as had a credit card, which was used to pay for $499 worth of Uber rides.

Police said , the vehicle was eventually tracked down using the “OnStar” system in the car, and was recovered by Newark police on 12th Street.

2 thoughts on “Unlocked Car Stolen In Glen Rock found in Newark

  1. The news on channel 12 New Jersey, said that there was 75 car stolen just in Newark weekend.

  2. newark=sewark
    what a dump
    the inhabitants tolerate this behavior. as such i have zero sympathy for them
    ‘snitches get stitches’
    enjoy your shit-hole city

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