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UPDATE : Daniel Fishbein responds to reports of Ridgewood students “sexting and cyber bullying


Ridgewood School District Superintendent Daniel Fishbein responds to reports of Ridgewood students “sexting and cyber bullying at RHS

Click below to read a letter sent today to Grades 6-12 parents and guardians, regarding the use of social media apps to send inappropriate messaging via cell phones and computers.

Children found to have created transmitted or possessed am illegal image /movie maybe charged under New Jersey Statute 2c:24-4 “endangering the Welfare of a children.

This comes just weeks after schools revised there PDA and technology policies incorporating Internet-based programs, applications and videos into their lesson plans, as well as allowing childern to bring and use laptops, smart phones and tablets to schools .

Ridgewood Police also report that on March 6, 2013 two Ridgewood Board of Education employees from George Washington Middle School reported that I pads had been stolen from their classrooms. The thefts had occurred in the past and are under investigation by the Ridgewood Detective Bureau.

Yesterday RHS Principal Tom Gorman sent out email to staff apologizing for not talking to them about the situation sooner .

Ridgewood Police Announce Amnesty for SEXTER’s till March 18th 7am

9 thoughts on “UPDATE : Daniel Fishbein responds to reports of Ridgewood students “sexting and cyber bullying

  1. I have tried to get a post related to the school and now I can. How is it that, Ridgewood always gets a rise in my taxes due to the school;s, when Glen Rock,( which is higer rated than Ridgewood)is able to have 2 years in a row with no increase in taxes for their residents?? Is there something wrong with this picture??

  2. With the mantra of ” Its for the kids” the sky is the limit. Between the BOED and The three amigos on the Village Council the residents are TOAST. It just time to get out of town.
    This isn’t about the headline but I don’t know how to post anything. My conceren is. why is it that Ridgewood always gets a tax inrease due to the school? Ridgewood used to be thebest, but no more. How does Glen Rock, which is higer rated able to have no

  3. This problem does not belong to the school. It is social media and a community problem. Young girls did something that they regret and their error will live on through the internet.

    This is an issue of “education” maybe through health classes – much like sex education. It is also a family problem. The girls are someone’s young children and do not deserve to be embarrassed anymore. We need to teach our children right from wrong and when they make a mistake they need to be forgiven.

  4. There is no right and wrong.

    That is what is taught.

    No problem here… move along.

    1. Do you think that someone needs to be punished?

  5. I think this is a prime example of laws not keeping up with technology. Ten years ago this wasn’t a problem because the technology wasn’t really used in such a way. In 2004, I was a Junior at R.H.S. and I don’t remember anyone having camera phones. The laws used to prosecute child pornography where written under the assumption that those who would capture and distribute images of “children” would not legally be children themselves.

    1. Sadly, this passes for critical thinking of today’s young adults…

      1. And your comment did not add anything to the topic. Stop judging people.

        1. Yes.
          Let’s not judge people.
          There is no right and no wrong.

          You are validating my statement.

          BTW and for the record…
          Your comment did not add anything to the topic and was judgmental of me.

          Another example of stellar critical thinking.

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