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Updated Emergency Planning Guide for Village Residents

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Updated Emergency Planning Guide for Village Residents

The Ridgewood Office of Emergency Management (OEM) just published an Emergency Planning Guide for 2013 – the first update of this critical resource in nearly 15 years.

The Emergency Planning Guide is designed to provide residents with basic emergency preparedness information, including tools and checklists that will assist families in preparing for different types of emergencies. It will also help residents to stay informed before, during and after disasters.

Click Here for your copy of the Emergency Planning Guide:

“The Emergency Planning Guide is a must-have resource for all Ridgewood residents and businesses,” explained Mayor Paul Aronsohn. “As we have learned from Super Storm Sandy and other recent storms, you can never be too prepared for a disaster.”

“I applaud our OEM leadership for its proactive approach,” Aronsohn continued.

For the first time, the Emergency Planning Guide is available electronically for viewing and downloading on the Ridgewood OEM website ( as well as the main Village of Ridgewood website (

The new Emergency Planning Guide was specifically designed as a PDF document to take advantage of current technology. A limited number of hard copies will also be printed at a later date.

According to OEM Coordinator Jeremy Kleiman, “In the past, we would print and mail a copy of the booklet to all village residents and businesses, which is expensive. Budget constraints made us re-think how we communicate emergency preparedness information to the public. We decided to make the Emergency Planning Guide an electronic document to save costs and also to leverage current technology. Residents who are registered to receive E-Notices from the village will receive the document by email.”

OEM asks all residents to register for E-Notices to receive routine information, such as the Emergency Planning Guide, as well as emergency alerts. Please register by visiting either and clicking on the “E-Notices” link, or and clicking on the “Swift911 Notification” icon. Either link will take residents to the same registration portal.

For those residents who do not register for E-Notices or are unable to receive information by email, a limited number of hard copies of the Emergency Planning Guide will be printed at a later date. Ridgewood Councilman Tom Riche is leading a fundraising effort to secure donations that will cover the cost of printing the booklets. Contributions may be made payable to Ridgewood Emergency Planning Guide, c/o Finance Office, Ridgewood Village Hall, 131 N. Maple Ave., Ridgewood, NJ 07451

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