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Upper Saddle River Police : Holiday Cheer Often Coincides with an Uptick in Residential Burglaries

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Upper Saddle River NJ, Upper Saddle River Police reported that Thursday night, between the hours 6PM-730PM, two residential burglaries and one attempted burglary occurred on the following borough streets : Deerfield Lane, Anona Drive, and Fawn Hill Road. All effected homes were unoccupied at the times of the incidents. The investigation into these incidents is ongoing. We are requesting anyone with information or surveillance footage (“Ring”) to please contact the Upper Saddle River Police Department.

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The Upper Saddle River Police offered the following advice for the Holiday Season and its good advice to take county wide :

Unfortunately, holiday cheer often coincides with an uptick in residential burglaries. Perpetrators almost always commit this crime when a home is unoccupied. Therefore, holiday schedules with homeowners leaving for social gatherings or vacations provide the perfect opportunity for unwelcome visitors. Here are some helpful hints and strategies to both recognize and avoid this crime:
1) Make your home look occupied even if you are not really there! Put lights on timers and leave a radio or television on. If you go away, do not let mail or newspapers accumulate. A home with a dark interior and five newspapers in the driveway does not fool anyone.
2 ) Alarms do not notify us if they are not activated! Always activate your alarm, even if you are just going out for a short time. The most recent burglary in Bergen County took place shortly after the homeowners left for dinner.
3) It is tempting to turn off the constant notifications from your Ring camera…..please remain strong. Ring cameras provide useful information and/or evidence for numerous crimes including burglary. The front and rear doors of a home are a common point of forcible entry and “real time” footage as an event is happening is valuable for not only an investigation, but for the safety of the responding officers.
4) Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. If you see something that “feels wrong” at your neighbor’s house or on your block, do not doubt yourself! Call the police immediately. Numerous crimes are solved by the actions of a “concerned citizen”. Examples of suspicious activity include but are not limited to a vehicle idling in a cul-de-sac, individuals emerging from a parked vehicle and walking through the woods, individuals that approach a home and then spit up (front and back), and any observation that makes you feel suspicious.
5) Master bedrooms and bathrooms are often the primary target for a burglar. Consider keeping valuables hidden in other areas of the house.
Please call the Upper Saddle River Police Department with any questions or concerns. We all wish you a safe holiday season and a healthy new year.
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