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US Department of Education : War On Parents

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Ridgewood NJ, last October, the Biden Justice Department ordered the FBI to stop alleged “threats and acts of violence” against school officials who were the largest of frustrated parents. The move was prompted by a letter from the National School Board Association to Justice claiming that parents who object to mask mandates and the imposition of critical race theory were engaging in “a form of domestic terrorism.”

The NSBA eventually repudiated the letter, after it became clear it had no evidence. It admitted “there was no justification” for some of its language. But the mystery remained: who set the NSBA letter in motion?

An email exchange uncovered by Parents Defending Education may have the answer: it appears that Education Secretary Miguel Cardona played a larger-than-previously-understood role in the creation of the offensive letter.


The Education Department denies Cardona solicited the letter. Count us as highly skeptical, and we’re fairly convinced that this administration’s war on parents came from the top ranks.

4 thoughts on “US Department of Education : War On Parents

  1. Bill HR 350 made it law. Send your children to government schools and you consent to anything they want to do to them. Stand in the way in any way and you will become a target.

  2. Look Mom…no hands !

  3. I’m sure many of the liberal, educated, and entitled Ridgewood and Glen Rock parents are very pleased that they got what they knowingly voted for………………………

  4. War of technocracy on American people. Just another battle in a continuing conflict.

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