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US Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Texas Lawsuit Against Swing States

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, U.S. Supreme Court will hear Texas’ lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin over potential voter fraud. The case was added to the Supreme Court docket today.

U.S. Supreme Court gives the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin until 3:00pm Thursday to respond to the filing by Texas.

file type icon  Docket for 22O155
Title:Texas, Plaintiff v. Pennsylvania, et al.
Motion for leave to file a bill of Motion to expedite filed by plaintiff Texas. restraining order or, alternatively, for stay and administrative stay filed by plaintiff Texas. Party name: State of Texas


4 thoughts on “US Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Texas Lawsuit Against Swing States

  1. This is it guys — 50th time is the charm, as the saying goes!

  2. Don’t get carried away with the term “docketing”- it does not mean what you may think it means. #SCOTUS “docketing” a case is the Court saying “you have properly filed your suit,” and nothing more.
    It reflects no decision as to what the Court is going to *do* with such a suit. In fact it really just means they took the filing and put it on the docket so they can decide when to reject it.

  3. Good the rigged election needs to be exposed, probably will not be overturned. I’m tired of hearing there was NO fraud when it is simply not true. There are so many things that prove it, especially that tape in Atlanta and the gift cards in Vegas on tape as well.
    Look at Biden’s son now admitting he is under investigation after the election when this was all out there before the election.

  4. Any updates here? Was the 50th time a charm or not? I’m going to be really annoyed if we patriots lost, because the I have cancel my Christmas plans to focus on seceding from the union. Oh bother.

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