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US Supreme Court Blocks New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Coronavirus Limits

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday night blocked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from reimposing strict attendance caps at worship services in areas hit hard by the novel coronavirus.

The court ruled 5-4 to bar Cuomo from enforcing his Oct. 6 “Cluster Initiative” against houses of worship that sued to challenge the restrictions.

Cuomo’s initiative had created color-coded limits on mass gatherings and business operations, in an effort to stem the outbreak in New York City areas that were experiencing a surge in cases, according to Bloomberg News.


11 thoughts on “US Supreme Court Blocks New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Coronavirus Limits

  1. Just great…let these crazy hassidics and born agains kill the whole bunch of us.

    1. the virus has a 99.49% recovery rate , and you can always hide in your basement

  2. Anonymous #1.
    Let me guess…’re a liberal.
    That’s in addition to being a bigot.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. More to come. People are fed up with little napoleons who preach seclusion under pretext of science while personally breaking every rule.

    Big thanks to our Hasidic brothers in Brooklyn for standing up to fascists. Who else got balls to challenge these mafiosos?

    And a word to racist assholes covering up in their basements (yes, you, anon1): Hasidics are way smarter than you. If they are not worried about corona, why are you so sure it’s the end of the world?

  4. Thanks, ACB, for the 5-4 decision – and may there be many more like this in the future!

    Enough of tin-pot diktators’ whims (Murphy among them) masked as “saving lives” but really designed to destroy this economy and country.

    And Anon1, if you are so concerned for your health, you can join Biden in his Oval Basement until the crisis ends.

  5. Wow , I think someone spiked the eggnog.

  6. Go to SCOTUS and read Gorsuch opinion.
    He calls out John Roberts bullshit.
    Don’t rely on the MSM to tell you the real story.

  7. But, but … he won an emmy.
    Just like Obama won a Novel Peace Prize and then went on to beat GWB in the number of drone strikes.

  8. Cuomo worse than Murphy because he is so arrogant and condescending. What a terrible human being. He cancels church, school and business but praises the rioters. What a piece of s*it.

  9. Yes that Neil Gorsuch opinion was dead-on accurate. Why just the other day I went to Ridgewood Cycle for a bike repair and the shop was filled with dozens of people, all crammed together , singing and chanting in unison. So hypocritical to allow bike shops to operate during a pandemic and not churches — damn MSM and their lies!

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