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Vacation Scams That Easily Can Trick Anyone

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It is an unfortunate reality that there are unscrupulous people out there who wish to take advantage of trusting individuals and families. People commit scams for many reasons, disguising themselves as respectable agents or corporations when in truth they are just out to steal your money and run.

One of the markets that are most challenging to recognize scammers is the vacation sales market. From forged money to unlicensed timeshare sales, when you are looking to make your next vacation purchase, it is important to be cognizant of the scams that are being run, to protect your time and investments. If you’re considering buying a timeshare resale online, it’s crucial to navigate through reliable platforms and understand the process thoroughly.

Here are some common scams and tips to identify whether you are being scammed or being offered a legitimate vacation purchase.

Illegal or Unlicensed Timeshare Sales

Purchasing a timeshare is a great way to ensure your family has a quality vacation yearly, at a great cost. However, there are many people out there slinging timeshares for resorts that don’t exist or selling timeshares which they are not authorized to sell. Make sure you get your timeshare information from a legitimate source.

Timeshares can be a wonderful investment that saves money in the long run and offers you a getaway that ends up feeling like having a second home. Many long term timeshare owners will sing the praises of their purchase, but that is when it is done legally. However, many people also get stuck in a difficult situation if they want to cancel or exit their timeshare because of the timeshare exit team cost.

People posing as timeshare agents can take advantage of people who are uneducated and not overly cautious, and before you know it you will have purchased what you think is a timeshare, but in reality, you just handed your money to unauthorized agents of the resort. They run away with your down payment, and you are left with nothing.

It is incredibly important to vet the agents who are offering your timeshares. Contact the resort and ensure you are speaking to someone allowed to sell their timeshares. Requesting to view the property is also important, if they cannot offer you a viewing of the property and room you are purchasing, then chances are it is not a legal sale

Most timeshare agents WANT you to see the property, so they can show you different options and possibly sell you a better room than you were originally looking at.

Avoid timeshare agents who contact you when you have not requested it, and avoid agents who refuse to meet you in person to complete the purchase.  Never send money for a downpayment until you are 100% certain you are dealing with an authorized agent of the property!

Fake Vacation Packages Offered at Discounted Rates

Chances are you have received a phone call before, offering a vacation package valued at thousands of dollars, and all you need to pay is a “small” deposit to secure your rate and take your dream vacation.

These scams can be horrible, as they target vulnerable people who just want to take their dream vacation that they could never afford otherwise. A great phrase to remember when you receive these calls is “if it seems too good to be true it probably is”.

While there are many reputable sources from which you can purchase discounted vacation purchases, it is incredibly important to check before you buy. If you receive a call from a high pressured salesperson, offering a luxury vacation at a fraction of the price DO NOT give them your credit card information or purchase the package.

If you are on the fence, and unsure if the vacation is legit or not, take the time to research, call the resort or airline that the agent is supposedly representing and ask questions. They will confirm or deny if the package offered is legitimate, and with this one phone call, you can save yourself money and time.

If the salesperson on the end of the line is adamant that you purchase and you will lose the offer if you hang up without a deposit, then it is most likely fake and this should be a huge red flag. Reputable vacation companies will allow you to take some time to think it over and contact the parties they are supposedly representing. The higher the pressure the ‘agents’ put on you to buy immediately, the greater the chance is that it is a scam, and you will never see your deposit again.

If you are looking to purchase any type of vacation package or property you must do your research first, this will protect you and your family from unscrupulous sellers, and allow you to put your money towards the (legitimate) vacation of your dreams. 

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