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Valley Hospital to offer new plan for expansion with dismissal of suit

Valley Hospital to offer new plan for expansion with dismissal of suit
Saturday, February 16, 2013    Last updated: Saturday February 16, 2013, 11:36 PM
The Record

Hearings on new plans to expand The Valley Hospital are expected to start next month, now that a lawsuit filed by a citizens’ group against the hospital and the Ridgewood Planning Board has been settled.

Hospital officials are expected to appear before the Planning Board beginning March 11 with a new design for the 451-bed facility — likely a scaled-down version of the $750 million Renewal plan under which Valley would have doubled in size.

That proposal had sharply divided the community for years, played a major role in municipal elections and even resulted in Ridgewood police calling for backup from several other towns during a heated meeting that left hundreds of residents shouting outside a packed middle school auditorium.

Hospital officials had said the expansion was critical to its staying competitive, and opponents of the expansion had said its size would seriously harm the quality of life in the residential neighborhood.

Mayor Paul Aronsohn was hopeful that the sides could find common ground with a new start. “My hope and expectation is that everyone involved learned lessons from the last go-around,” he said Saturday.

17 thoughts on “Valley Hospital to offer new plan for expansion with dismissal of suit

  1. They’re baaaaaaack!

  2. Mayor Paul Aronsohn ” We need to get it right” He really need to get some new tag lines. ” Folks” and the most used “TRANSPARENCY ” are getting kind of old. I wounder if he has any of those transparent meeting while he and Audrey are at Temple together?

  3. Will a total of 8 metings be able to do justice to this huge issue? I find that very unlikely unless of course it has already been decided by the planning board.

  4. It is not about the number of meetings. It is about the information provided in those meetings and the ability/willingness to make an informed decision, with which some residents will undoubtedly disagree, but that is in the best interests of Ridgewood. I am not suggesting what that decision should be. I am only suggesting that Village officials should not drag this out under the delusion that endless discussions in the name of “transparency” will magically result in an overwhelming mandate. They won’t. Village officials need to weigh the merits of both sides of any proposal and make a decision. Period.

  5. Paul Aronsohn thinks that his job is to bring us together to solve Valley’s problem. Hey Paul – it’s not my problem.

  6. I would like to see a running tab of legal fee’s incurred by the village with regard to valley posted on the village website.

  7. I saw that the County laid down some wires on Linwood Avenue. These cables will keep a peg count on the number of cars heading east and west on Linwood.

    Valley is extremely well connected within the upper levels of Cty government.

    The peg counts will be reduced in order to show the minimal impact construction will have on folks that drive in and around the hospital.

    Yes. They are back…

  8. Would those be legal the fees incurred as a result of a small group of residents litigating every policy decision they don’t like?

  9. Maybey but they’re legal fee’s none the less and if the residents are paying for it they should know about it .

  10. The Village has no control over those fees and has no alternative to defending itself against frivolous suits. Perhaps we need to look at ways to hold residents accountable when they bring excessive cost burden upon Village taxpayers?

  11. The RESIDENTS how about the multimillion dollar corporations who generate the need for the law suit in the beginning.

  12. Why doesn’t the village have control over legal fee’s? The village can dictate how much they are willing to pay per billable hour, and the vm should be able to monitor how many hours are spent on diiferent issues. If not why?

  13. Valley is in need of this expansion to update its equipment and to stay current. I for one welcome the chance at a private room when admitted – I hope it gets resolved soon so they can break ground on this project. If you don’t like it move to another part of the village – its not forever guys.

  14. From what i’ve been reading and the meetings I’ve been to this is no small group of residents who are in opposition, I would say a signifcant portion of the residential populace is against it , how else would you get the council to vote it down.

  15. If valley is so in need of this expansion let them purchase property out of ridgewood so another towns infrastructure can deal with it. Why should the ridgewood taxpayer shoulder the burden valley serves quite a few towns let them share the burden.

  16. Valey needs to expand and keep current. A few weeks ago, during a very “mini” outbreak of the flu in our area, the media reported that the Valley ER had to divert to other hospitals on several occassions due to overcrowding. Imagine if the flu outbreak had been more severe….or if there was a local disaster (major accident for example) around the same time. Picture yourself or your loved ones in an ambulance in Rt 17 traffic in a life of death situation trying to get to Hackensack or some other non-local facility because Valley was overcrowded and/or closed. Add in a flu outbreak and the blizzard we had a few weeks ago and you’ll be thankful for Valley in our backyard. I for one sleep better knowing there is a vibrant, well regarded hospital in walking distance. Its easy to ignore them when the weather is nice and we’re not sick. Unfortunately, its a fact of life that someday nearly all of us will call upon them.

  17. I don’t think so if there is a local disaster the really seriously injured would probably go to hackensack or st.joes they are trauma centers, and if valley is on divert bergen regional and paskack are still local.

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