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Valley, Ridgewood gearing up for new proposal


Valley, Ridgewood gearing up for new proposal
Friday February 22, 2013, 1:21 PM
The Ridgewood News

New plans for expansion at The Valley Hospital have yet to be filed, Ridgewood Planning Board officials said this week, but residents are already noticing physical evidence that a second attempt at a Renewal proposal is imminent.

For the past two weeks, automated as well as manned traffic counters have been set up along Linwood Avenue and stress points in the vicinity of Valley’s 15-acre campus. Ridgewood municipal officials confirmed Thursday that the counters are in place to collect data for the hospital’s application.

A Superior Court ruling last week essentially reopened the door for a new Valley expansion plan. The path had been blocked, in part, by a lawsuit filed by a Ridgewood grassroots group against the Planning Board and hospital.

7 thoughts on “Valley, Ridgewood gearing up for new proposal

  1. A great week to count cars. Half the town is away skiing or sunning. Those numbers will be so realistic.

  2. I thought we already did that study. They found that the more you build, the less traffic there is. I’m sure Valley will find the same.

  3. Everyone should read the new Time Magazine, story will probably win a journalistic prize: Bitter Pill: why medical bills are killing us (you can also download it: Steven Brill: Bitter Pill). Look at the culprits: hospital execs, nonprofits that are NOT nonprofit, exorbitant rates for aspirin, hospital gowns, etc. Not the doctors, not the nurses, but the hospitals and their suppliers. So all this talk about non profit Valley or any other hospital is baloney, plain and simple. They need to spend all their money, at the expense of zoning plans, environmental concerns and most important, residents.

  4. I don’.t want to hijack a thread but please bear with me. It seems time to regulate the health care industry with repect to public employee’s. Make health care for the public arena a public utility and regulate it. That would entail legislative help and anyone who owns stock in the health car industry has recuse themselves from voting or get rid of their stock. I know this sounds a touch radical but I got a bad feeling this will be the only way to make headway .

  5. Valley had over a year to make the intersection at Linwood and North Van Dien safe for pedestrian and automobile traffic. They chose to do nothing even though they have $750 million in the bank and own three corners of the intersection. That speaks volumes as to their intentions going forward. They are not going to do anything unless they get something in return.

  6. It’s all about the Benjamins….private rooms means higher fees. Fixing the intersection and solving the congestion riddle is not in the financial plan.

    Audrey and Megan are snipers.

  7. Read the Time Magazine article!

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