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Village Council Awaits DEP Approval for ADA Ramp


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Village Council Awaits DEP Approval for ADA Ramp

Graydon Pool – Sloped Entry Ramp – Update

For two years the Village Council, Community, and Village Staff have discussed options to increase accessibility into Graydon Pool.

A ramp allowing direct access into the pool has been designed and was approved by the Council. Based on recent discussions with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), that plan was revised accordingly. We are now waiting for DEP approval.

Click Here for current site plan documents.

4 thoughts on “Village Council Awaits DEP Approval for ADA Ramp

  1. Aronsohn is looking for the political donations

  2. The DEP will not approve the Ramp not because it wouldn’t work but, because it becomes an added obstacle to river flow in the event of flooding situation.

  3. But it also wouldn’t work.

  4. What also doesn’t work is the pdf link posted here. It’s a complex installation for this computer.

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