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Village Council Candidate Speaks At Ridgewood High School

Alexandra Harwin

file photo by Boyd Loving

March 13,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, village council candidate Alexandra Harwin spoke at Ridgewood High School. No other candidates or councilmembers were invited , Ms Harwin spoke about running for council in Ridgewood  for a full 40 minutes asking the kids for their addresses to post yard signs of her candidacy .

When questioned by angry parents superintendent of Schools Daniel Fishbein said in an email , “this is a student run organization. It appears that you may know one or more of the students who are part of the organization, based on your knowledge of their ages. I suggest that you or other village council members reach out to see if they can be invited. As I stated, this is a club activity and not an academic class. ”

Funny that no sitting council member with experience  has been asked , yet a new candidate who has been to one council meeting for a total of 50 minutes is now an expert. Its also another interesting use of the taxpayer funded $105,000,000 Ridgewood School budget . And interesting to watch a Village Council candidate bully children into compliance.

All the moms  who questioned the events have asked to remain anonymous and are concerned about being booted from Home & School Association membership if their names are exposed regarding this matter .

24 thoughts on “Village Council Candidate Speaks At Ridgewood High School

  1. Oh, that picture is from the only council meeting she has ever attended. And that meeting was about the ever-important garage. And it lasted four-plus hours but she bolted after one hour. Hahaha, she is excellent for our town.

  2. They are a motivated bunch….we have to get out and vote, Pauli’s Posse wants to take the town back….

  3. Paul Aronsohn started this kind of political bulling in town. Thanks to all you assholes that put him and Amigos in power. You know who you are.

  4. Is this the “Students Demand Action” club?

  5. Next we will be seeing her signs on the front lawn of the high school and the cbd.

  6. Sound like she signed up with Whitehorse Strategists.

  7. What a “Shit Hole ” town

  8. Village residents are entitled to a non-partisan form government by virtue of the Faulkner Act. A high school club that singles out a blatantly political actor for an invitation to promote her candidacy and to facilitate the distribution of campaign materials could violate the Faulkner Act. Have the four Amigos improperly politicized our village-funded school system?

  9. Not Students Demand Action Club-
    She met with Political Discussion Club/Progressive Student Alliance

  10. Haha did you say you are protecting the innocent by leaving them as anonymous. Are you changing your ways..

  11. This article is WRONG. It mentions that she only attended ONE council meeting for 50 minutes. I was there, she attended it for less than 30 minutes. Only one council meeting in lifetime – for less than 30 minutes and she wants to be on the other side as a councilwoman.

  12. Yard signs should be illegal
    They make the village look like shit
    The newbies love their yard signs (as if anyone gives a shit who you support)

  13. In addition to collecting the home addresses of minors who attended her presentation, she also collected their e-mail addresses. What is going to be done with this data? Who will these e-mails be passed along to?

    Wasn’t Ms. Harwin’s spouse, Rabbi Noah Fabricant, collecting the e-mail addresses of Jewish children in Ridgewood, allegedly to notify them of bias incidents?

    Both spouses collecting the e-mail addresses of minors? Something doesn’t seem quite right with this.

  14. Yard signs are not illegal. But you can’t put them on Village owned property….as Weitz, Willett, and Brooks did two years ago. Expecting to see Harwin signs at the BOE and Village Hall soon.

  15. Watch the video, it is more than 30 minutes. Fake news on this site again.

  16. 9:12 – yes he was collecting signatures along with Paul and SW.

  17. 8:54 the Constitution feels a little different than you.

  18. I guess no Harwin signs at healthbarn then. Village owned property. Had to throw it in the mix. Lol. And disgraceful that adults are taking e mails from children. Why?? They can’t vote what is their agenda. Red flag to me I have children in the school system

  19. What’s the big deal with her accepting an invitation to talk to HS kids? The kids are politically active, politicians talk to them. Josh was there not long ago. Some of the students will be eligible to vote in May. Some other local politician was pressuring student leaders of the march to friend them on Facebook, which is ridiculous since students don’t use Facebook. But where’s the difference? It’s okay if you agree with them? We’ve been telling kids to just say no for years. Good time for them to give it a try.

  20. “Students don’t use Facebook?” LOL! What have you been smoking 1:24?

  21. Another new shit storm . Isn’t it amazing at the village has so many shit storms in town. We have a shit storm every week in town.

  22. Has anyone complained to the board of elections in Hackensack about this? It’s clearly a campaign event. Did the candidate pay for the space?

  23. This B*TCH Alexandra Harwin must never be elected! She is bad news for our town!!

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