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Village Council Elections: Aronsohn the “jimmy Carter of Ridgewood”

Photo by Boyd Loving

Village Council Elections: Aronsohn the “jimmy Carter of Ridgewood”

It is obvious the Former Village Fire Department Director Jim Bombace is the one posting the viscous attacks on the Mayor. He fails to disclose that he earns in excess of $100,000 in pension for his years of service. He has been on a vendetta since he wrongly believed he was shorted a few bucks per month on his pension. His new role is Paul Aronsohn’s lap dog.

Aronsohn’s tactic is to deflect attention away for his disgusting ways by changing the subject. Let’s stick to the important issue here. Aronsohn needs to be voted off the Council so that Ridgewood can once again free itself of political hacks and outside influence. People who have run and served on the Council have always been nonpartisan and done the right thing for the Village.

Aronsohn wants to bring all of his “cronies” into paid Village positions and reward all of the unions with huge raises and a multitude of perks all at Ridgewood taxpayers expense. Just remember the last Council member of the same ilk… Jane Reilly and her Village Hall project disaster and her failed attempt at a run for Freeloader. By all accounts the very worst Mayor that Ridgewood has ever seen. Aronsohn could be next in line to become the “jimmy Carter of Ridgewood”

6 thoughts on “Village Council Elections: Aronsohn the “jimmy Carter of Ridgewood”

  1. paul must really have you guys scared to have you pulling out name calling with almost two weeks to go. usually you save that for the weekend before the election.

  2. Audrey Myers must be loving all this sniping between the candidates who voted against the expansion. Why do I suddenly think the three hospital candidates have every opportunity now to win the race?

  3. Nervous! Ha…quite the contrary… it is a well-known fact that CRR endorsed Aronsohn ONLY because he voted against the Valley expansion. Many members of CRR have privately stated that they will be “bullet voting” for Keith and Jane. No one trusts Aronsohn, HE WILL FLIP ON THE VALLEY ISSUE. He has aligned himself with Hauck and Puccerelli, both pro Valley supporters. Everyone in the Valley neighborhood should prepare themselves for 10 YEARS OF CONSTRUCTION if Paul Aronsohn is reelected. He already has plans for his next run for Freeloader.. Ridgewood will be just background noise to him and just another photo op

  4. I’m cracking up @ the Jimmy Carter comment. Billy beer for everyone!!!!

  5. Yes, I heard he wants to clean sweep Matt Rogers, Gail Price, Whitaker etc. And bring in his Democratic cronies. It’s just disgusting.

    My mind is made up to vote for Shinozuka and Killion.

  6. Citizens! Read between the lines – Paul Aronsohn is a pawn of the corupt Bergen County Democratic Machine

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