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>Village Council Elections : Our little village heads into what has turned into a very important election next Tuesday

>Dear Fellow Ridgewoodians:
As our little village heads into what has turned into a very important election next Tuesday, I can no longer sit and read this blog without pointing out a few issues of concern.

Although the Village Counsel Election is a non-partisian election, it has been twisted into something worse. A opportunity by the Preserve Graydon Committee to fire off one cheap shot after another at Mr. Dowd and basically the entire Cronk family. If there is anything that I have learned from this bullshit behavior by the “Swimmingly Sisters” is that Mr. Cronk and Mr. Dowd are indeed the better people here. Because if someone EVER made up such straight lies and childish comments to the public media toward my wife or myself, I would be wallpapering this Village with Gag Orders and Orders of Protection against the PGC and for good measure anyone with those unsightly signs on their lawns. Let’s call it like it is… only fair, because correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that what the Swimmingly Folks did, or attempt to do with Mr. Bolger?
But luckily for us and the common good of the many good people of Ridgewood, Messrs. Cronk and Dowd have chosen to do the right thing and turn the other cheek to the b.s. that is being thrown out there about them, and in doing so they have won my vote on Tuesday.

You have to ask yourselves, do you want a past POLITICIAN who approved the $10 MILLION renovation to Village Hall without addressing the fact it is in a flood zone, or someone who seems to be running just to counteract the concerns of preserving Graydon or do you want to vote for two gentlemen that have given more thought and in doing so seem to have a logical and more efficient approach to the big picture that lays beyond Graydon.
On that note: Graydon had just celebrated it’s 100 birthday. Now let’s take that fact and mix in a good amount of REALITY.

Say you purchased a Ford Model T in 1908 when they were first produced. If the engineers had subscribed to the same mentality of those wishing to preserve Graydon we all would be driving highly unreliable and inefficient cars with wood rims and no heat, no a/c, no seat-belts, no airbags, and no antilock brakes. Unfortunately for Graydon, change is almost impossible to stop.

What I am trying to say here is that us Americans have been thinking in the “box” for way too long now and it has lead us to cold reality that the price of the Disney Dollar holds more value than the U.S. Dollar, the highest property taxes in the country, school budgets getting slashed and teachers being made the villains because they make too much in some people’s opinions.

I am not up at this hour of the morning typing a political ad for Mr Dowd and Mr. Cronk. I am writing to the people of Ridgewood; my neighbors and friends to BEG of you to go vote on Tuesday, and when you do, do so with the BIG PICTURE in mind and not a patch of property at the corner of Linwood and North Maple.

Finally, I feel compelled to note that this election is not a vote FOR or AGAINST the renovation of Graydon, but for many other issues much more important to our Village.

Craig S. Hueneke

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