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>Village Council elections: Voters see Aronsohn flip-flop on Valley


Village Council elections:  Voters see Aronsohn flip-flop on Valley 

While rumors continue to circulate the Councilmen Paul Aronsohn is quietly tell people to vote for Gwenn H. Hauck ,Albert  Pucciarelli and himself.

Paul is know as an opportunist. He will grandstand when it convenient. And not say anything when also convenient for votes.If Councilman Aronsohn thought any other council person would vote for Valley he would have went the other way. He took the safe root and vote no. The big question is knowing Aronsohn quest for power and higher office will he flip flop if the council had more Valley supporters on it.

A Valley trustee(Dittrick) gave 500.00 to Paul Aronsohn’s Congressional campaign. It’s public record. Dittrick is a Republican and Aronson a democrat. It’s payback time. Watch out for the Aronson-Valley flip-flop.

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