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>Village Council Okays Bike Path Extension But Rejects Plan to Charge High School Students for Parking

>A controversial resolution supporting Bergen County’s plan to extend the Saddle River Area Bike Path north to Linwood Avenue was unanimously approved by Ridgewood Village Council members on Wednesday evening. Concurrent with construction of the new bike path segment, County officials have agreed to relocate a “Bark Park” away from nearby Ridgewood homes to another area within the Ridgewood Wild Duck Pond area. It is believed that the “Bark Park” would not have been relocated if Village Council members had refused to allow construction of the bike path over 100 feet of Village of Ridgewood owned property.

However, the Council’s planned introduction of two (2) ordinances associated with establishment of permit parking fees in the Graydon Pool parking lots was scrubbed. Council members had proposed charging Ridgewood High School students $425 per school year to park in either Graydon lot. Parking there is now free. Several residents spoke out against the proposed ordinances during Wednesday evening’s Village Council Public meeting, even though Mayor David T. Pfund announced in advance that Council members would not be introducing either ordinance.

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