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Village Manager Keith Kazmark Introduces Himself on Facebook

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Ridgewood NJ, Village Manager Keith Kazmark introduced himself to a bunch of Facebook groups on Monday July 17th.

Good afternoon, my name is Keith Kazmark and I am the new Village Manager here in Ridgewood. Transparency and communication are two major priorities for my office as I enter this role. Please consider following all that is happening here in the Village by clicking below.

Keith Kazmark

Village Manager

Facebook: Ridgewood Village Manager
Instagram: ridgewood_manager_07450
Twitter: ridgewood_manager_07450

23 thoughts on “Village Manager Keith Kazmark Introduces Himself on Facebook

  1. it would be nice if the new chief of police introduced himself ?

  2. Keith if you are reading this, majority of democrats of Ridgewood are against this Mayor. So if you’re a true democrat, don’t blindly support Mayors cause to expand his personal wealth. (He is probably a shadow investor in many CBD buildings). He’s spending tax payer money for his personal benefit.

    1. but they all voted for him and kiss his a$$

      1. James, that’s because many of the people who own mailing lists and Facebook groups are invested with him/in bed with him on ventures.. so they are spreading wrong information via emails / Facebook groups.
        Some have been given jobs at the county by democrats, some have been given grant money and some own businesses in downtown. Residents who are listening to them, don’t see these hidden agendas.
        Onyx is now being investigated for NJ transit deal.. slowly the investigations will happen to 4M food money, and other grants too. It’s coming. We are ON IT!!

        1. Then you’re admitting that democrat voters are d.umb becuase they simply believe what they read in their beloved FB pages without doing any fact checking by themselves. This shallowness is what’s taking down this town and this country.
          But go ahead with your investigations, I’d love to see something come out of it I but am not holding my breath.

        2. Like where did the millions in grant money that healthbarn got go? Millions

  3. WOW…you mean this town might be run in a professional way???

    1. The village manager is a figure head. They don’t run the town. Department managers do. This is a waste of 250k, in tax payer money. Since this guy is not invested in Ridgewood, mark my words, that he’s going to propose big tax increases to keep his council members and employees happy. It’s about his survival, not tax payers benefit.

    2. Hopefully some day. Maybe the day has come

  4. I think it is great that he is on social media as feedback is realtime and this might help him to really see what residents are talking about. Not everyone shows up at Council meetings for various reasons, but many people are on social media. He will soon learn that many residents, not just those that live in the Schedler neighborhood, are unhappy with tax dollars being allocated to build a very expensive ballfield after potentially acquiring a property for over $600k and then trying to move a house based on a recommendation that their historic consultant made based on reading a few documents. This will be expensive he plans to charge Ridgewood more money towards the completion of the project. This translates to big tax dollars being spent, so once this is done, it will cost huge amounts of money. We all know Ridgewood should be focusing on safety projects and they could have built a small park without turf as originally planned and could have started already, but that wasn’t good enough for this mayor and majority block council (Pam, Evan, Siobahn). When the high school went on lockdown a few months ago, the police were at the ready, what if something else happens, are we prepared? The police recommended adding more cops (they needed 5) but they only got one (because Ridgewood has no money), a furlough of DPW and other Ridgewood staffers was looming and narrowly avoided (because Ridgewood has no money), so why the need for a sports complex on Rt 17 that will cost a ton?

  5. I am willing to give him a chance to see how he delivers and if he can actually be somewhat impartial and use his influencing skills he learned by being a mayor to try to help steer this mayor and council’s bad decisions and lack of accountability and transparency.

  6. Everyone knows that it is a bad idea to put a ball field on Route 17 in a flood zone, but the sports community would literally play on Route 17 if they think they will get a shiny new field equipped with all of the amenities. Do they care about the health and safety issues, nope. Do they care about residents well water that will be poisoned by toxic turf, nope. But they will cry if they don’t get their field.

    1. Yup, Paul and democrats puppet.

  7. He’s a puppet… whether he knows it or not.

  8. Let’s give him a chance. That being said, he is Paul’s former campaign manager or was involved with Paul, so that is probably how he ended up with his job. Anything is possible and maybe he will actually bring transparency to Ridgewood.

    1. The KEY word is maybe!!! That’s a Joke

  9. I deeply resent the prospect of having Facebook used as the source of any official information. Like many others I detest and distrust that company and would never sign up.

  10. Being in touch through social media is good. But what’s critical is driving every corner of this town on a frequent basis. In my daily school driving routine I notice 100 things that need to be taken care of and don’t need huge resources. Little things make a big difference in the quality of life for the residents.

  11. Eagle you should show up at a Village Council meeting with your list!!

    1. And get there early.

      Oh, yes, and talk FAST. You’ll probably have to.

      But your words will be understood.

  12. This is not a good fit for Ridgewood, google Whistle blower Elmwood Park

    1. Not promising and I wouldn’t be surprised if things get worse for this town. It seems like he sued for millions and got back only $35k. But my fellow democrat neighbors will feel good. He has a D next to him and that’s all that matters.
      “Kazmark, a Democrat who serves nearby Woodland Park as both mayor and administrator, also alleged that Caramagna tried to intervene in an internal affairs investigation and that in August 2018, faced with a “hostile work environment,” he drafted a separation agreement that included three months of pay post-resignation that one councilman compared to “extortion.”

      1. Coming back to this, what the online press says is a bit confusing. A mess of who accused and who sued , NJ style. But here’s hoping he turns out to become an asset for RW. You never know.

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