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Village of Ridgewood Now Spends $30K Annually to Monitor Pickleball Courts at the Glen School

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  the Village does not care how it spends our money. Recently they have hired a monitor to patrol the Pickleball Courts at the Glen School. The cost is $30K annually. By instituting there discriminatory policies they have given up $30k in revenue. The dislodged group now has grown to 221 members. They play in Montvale and Wycoff. The group has grown by 30% indicating the popularity of Pickleball. The Mayor and the Village Council  have no sense of fiscal responsibility nor do they care. The have sold out to satisfy one neighbor in the Glen School area.

18 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Now Spends $30K Annually to Monitor Pickleball Courts at the Glen School

  1. What a big waste of money. Again we are talking about pickle ball. What’s going on with the pickle ball rice Notices that were sent out to a few employees. Again how many were sent out, and who receive them. What was that another bullshit story.
    Someone playing chess games again.

  2. But they need the 5,000.00 revenue Healthbarn brings in in a year? How much do they spend to maintain that house for a business?

    1. the ADA compliance cost at the minimum $50,000

  3. I will do it for $25,000

  4. What a joke. This will certainly put a lock, no pun intended, on RIdgewood receiving the next “Dumbest town in Bergen County” award.

  5. Ridgewood had the opportunity to do their due diligence when they turned Glen school into a pickle ball court. They didn’t. Now they are paying for it. Neighbors are moving, others are unhappy, and people who have been hooked by pickle ball can’t play anymore all because Ridgewood failed to do the proper research. It only took one google search to realize a pickle ball court is not supposed to be within a couple hundred feet of houses.

  6. Somebody else also said that they spent $60,000 a year for GPS on village vehicles. Just amazing, we asked why . Their answer was they don’t have trust and anyone. What a shame. If that’s true. This is what my tax increase is it going to.

  7. I think pickleball is a good way for people to get some exercise. But I also think you have to look at the impact pickleball has on the quality of life for the people living near pickleball courts. Pickleball players play a couple days/week for a few hours, but the homes near pickleball courts hear continuous noise for multiple days for far more hours.

  8. Ridgewood doesn’t give a sh**. Look at the constant noise they brought to Habernickel park for the sheer profit of one business owner. No consideration for neighbors or park users

  9. The village is done. Give it another five years get the hell out

  10. $30k due to 7 residents complaining, who also complain about soccer “noise”. Yes, pickle ball is a newer sport played there, but the tennis court and fields have existed mostly likely prior to any of these residences. If they are so concern have them pay for it.. The mayor most likely bosses the rest of the puppets on the council to do what she says. Image what can be done with $30k around the village instead of a monitor!

  11. Honestly…how the fuck do you people live in Ridgewood and put up with this bullshit.
    How stupid are you?

  12. “Honestly…how the fuck do you people live in Ridgewood and put up with this bullshit.
    How stupid are you?”

    We are VERY STUPID

    so, you know, easily abused.

  13. Are we talking Reparations here…?

  14. $60,000 for GPS units for Village on vehicles are they kidding me. Who came up with a stupid idea. And to top it who approved it, what kind of assholes are running this town. They are worrying about the wrong bullshit. No wonder morale throughout the village is at its lowest level, well who is in charge of all these people. I don’t blame one person, there’s a few and they know who they are. This is just getting ridiculous my tax dollars pay for bullshit like this. Totally unnecessary. I’m in town for over 55 years, In the past three years what the hell happened can someone explain. Because they are just not telling the taxpayers what really happened across the board. We hear it we see it amazing.

  15. This is so fucked up

  16. You people ate crying over 90 grand with a school budget of 115 million. Haha, what a joke!

  17. This town is so overrated. What a bunch of ass kissers.

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