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Virtue Signaling Newark City Council puts jobs and Small Businesses at Risk

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Newark NJ, the hashtag “Boycott Lukoil” has been popping up online, and Wednesday, the Newark City Council voted to suspend Lukoil licenses in New Jersey’s largest city. Unfortunately the resolution does little to stand with Ukraine and punish Russia . The suspension may actually cost jobs and put small business owners out of business.

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Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot. In another installment of , “Why you should never vote for someone who has never had a job” . The clueless Newark City Council was unaware that the Lukoil stations are operated by local franchisees . All Lukoil does is purchase gasoline from the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery in Linden New Jersey, mark it up a couple of pennies and they sell it to the franchisee owner that is leasing that property from the company.


One thought on “Virtue Signaling Newark City Council puts jobs and Small Businesses at Risk

  1. So when the newark residents come up to bergen county to steal cars, they won’t buy gas from local franchises that have nothing to do with ukraine

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