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Voting on the  school budget vote is an insurance policy against Ridgewood taxpayers being unnecessarily overcharged

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Ridgewood NJ, from the “Keep Our Vote” site ,voting on the  school budget vote is  an insurance policy against Ridgewood taxpayers being unnecessarily overcharged.

There is no school budget vote if local elections are moved to November. Last March’s failed budget resulted in $630,000 savings to taxpayers every year going forward, compounded by each year’s budget increase. No school programs or educational services were impacted.

The 2%  cap is not a cap on the entire budget increase and highly unlikely to ever trigger a budget vote. High cost expenses are not included in the 2% cap.  Also, budget increases below 2% can be “banked” and added to a future budget.

While Board of Education elections were held in November, the school budget increase for the 2018-2019 school year was 3.62% and did not trigger a vote.  The additional 1.62% equaled  $1.5 million from the taxpayers not needed to cover education costs.


9 thoughts on “Voting on the  school budget vote is an insurance policy against Ridgewood taxpayers being unnecessarily overcharged

  1. Just vote NO.

  2. Already voted no. Just a reminder that you cannot vote in person this year. Use the ballot that came in the mail and deposit it in the ballot box at Village Hall. I’m surprised that some people still don’t know this. Murphy is trying to pull a fast one. Don’t let him

  3. Voter Suppression…Just Vote No

  4. Even if you don’t know the issues, all you need to know is the list of people who support it. Vote NO

  5. Shouldn’t we listen to those people?

    Don’t they know what’s better for us?

  6. Cheapest insurance policy you will ever buy. Just vote NO

  7. Very productive weekend. Met with hundreds of residents to highlight the voter suppression proposal OVOV is promoting and to just Vote No to preserve their basic right to Vote!

  8. I voted NO!

  9. Besides removing the school budget vote, what they really want is to take over the Village Council, whose election would also be moved to November if this referendum should pass.

    The hope by that group is that voters would pay less attention in November to the differences between council candidates when bigger positions (governor, president) were at stake.

    They also want our nonpartisan council election to jump into a partisan ballot.

    These are the same people who pushed for a destroyed downtown, and won. But it could always get worse.

    Please vote NO.

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