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WalletHub Back-to-School Shopping Survey: 83% of parents say the cost of education is out of control

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With back-to-school sales-tax holidays starting up, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its 2023 Back-to-School Shopping Survey, along with 2023’s Best Credit Cards for Back-to-School Shopping and a Sales-Tax Holiday Calendar highlighting the best times to buy in each state.

Back-to-School Shopping Survey Key Findings

  • School Affordability Crisis: 83% of parents say the cost of education is out of control.
  • Surge in Back-to-School Expenses: Nearly 1 in 2 parents say they will spend more on back-to-school shopping this year compared to last year.
  • Post-Graduation Debt Worries: Debt is parents’ #1 concern for their kids after graduation, and 76% more parents are concerned about it this year than last year.
  • Call for Financial Literacy: 91% of parents think financial literacy should be part of the core curriculum.
  • Doubts on School Efficiency: Almost 2 in 4 parents think taxpayers don’t get their money’s worth from public schools.
  • Eager for Card Savings: 50% of parents say they would apply for a new credit card to save 5% on back-to-school shopping.
  • Sales Tax Holidays: Held in 17 states at different times during July, August and September, sales tax holidays are offering savings of up to 7% on popular back-to-school items.
  • Best Credit Card for Back-to-School Shopping: The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express offers 6% back on up to $6,000 spent each year at U.S. supermarkets, where parents can purchase a lot of school supplies.

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2 thoughts on “WalletHub Back-to-School Shopping Survey: 83% of parents say the cost of education is out of control

  1. The reason college cost so much is that ”professors” like Elizabeth Warren (fake indian ) get 400k a year to ”teach” (=indoctrinate) one class
    These schools should have their tax exempt status revoked.
    They have Billions in endowments and expect the plumbers and electricians to pay off the debt of irresponsible student college loan borrowers getting their useless degrees in humanities

  2. Survey:
    100% of Democrats keep voting into office the people who are driving the cost of education out of control… then they complain about the cost, confused as to why it is so high.

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