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Want to Ace the SAT? Here’s What You Need to Do


The SAT is among the most crucial tests on the planet. It is usually taken by high-school students when applying for college. How you perform in your SATs will determine which colleges you can successfully apply to. This is to say that the more you pass, the wider the range of colleges you get to choose from after high school. But then again, tests tend to throw everyone into a state of nervousness and worry. To give you some relief from this fear, here are some tips you can use to ace the SAT. 

1. Read and Prepare 

No need to sugarcoat things, you would have to be a genius to pass the SAT without preparing adequately for it. For starters, the test is supposed to evaluate your understanding of math, writing, and critical reading skills, so be sure to polish your weak points by revising what you’ve already learned through the grades. Along with this, you may need to take a course that gives you exposure and prepares you for the main test. Depending on your needs, an SAT Prep Course can take as little as three weeks to 6 weeks. It can be a great way to discover your weak areas and sharpen your skills so you can ace the test.

2. Be Attentive

Staying calm and collected is an art employed by many in attaining that much-needed ace in your SAT. A clear mind is less distracted and less susceptible to making mistakes. Composure and alertness will be vital for you to be able to read, understand, and answer the questions correctly. Go through the questions keenly and fill the answers in the appropriate sections.

3. Budget Your Time Wisely

Time management means everything when it comes to passing any given test. Assigning the maximum time for each question will ensure that the allocated time does not elapse before you tackle all your questions. Keeping track of the time given in every section of your SAT will help you to pace yourself during the test. Also, carry your own timer or watch instead of depending on the one at the testing center. Remember, this test is timed, so spend minimal time on the easy queries and more on the harder ones. 

4. Start with the Easy Questions

In any test, starting with the hard question will only waste your limited time. Therefore, start by going through the booklet first, noting the simple questions that you can start with. This will also give you more time to crack the difficult questions later. 

5. Be Neat

Neatness makes you look more organized. It’s a high virtue that you should endeavor to achieve during the scholastic assessment test in grade 11/12. It is easy to use careless handwriting during a test, more so due to the limited time you are given to read, scrutinize, and write the answers to the questions. Avoid scribbled handwriting at all costs. Poor handwriting gives your reader a hard time trying to perceive what you have written. This can terribly hurt your score in the end. 

Finally, try as much as possible not to leave questions blank. It could paint you as a lazy person who lacks seriousness. If you are neat, good at managing time, and attentive when reading questions, you will hardly leave questions unanswered. You probably know the answer already, so guessing may not be so smart either. Hopefully, the above few tips will help you get to the college of your desire. All the best! 


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