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>We Told You So. Given the poverty-stricken districts they have "signed up" so far, Ridgewood would be a feather in Montclair’s Cap.

>(Excerpts from MSU’s News Release, 5-15-07)

Montclair State University Receives $6.8 Million in Grants to Lead Cutting-edge Collaborations to Improve Science and Math Education in New Jersey Schools: The Prudential Foundation, National Science Foundation and New Jersey Department of Education to Provide Funding

“…”We’re absolutely thrilled to have Montclair State as a partner,” said East Rutherford Schools Superintendent Gayle Strauss, Ph.D. “Our schools have been struggling to raise test scores, as the number of students in ESL (English as a Second Language) and special education in a district our size has a large impact on our overall scores. This program will target those populations.”

Teacher preparation and recruitment will be a major part of the answer to this challenge, and Montclair State’s collaborations with the private sector, the state government, a federal agency and numerous local school districts illustrate that the challenge will require extensive resources and a broad array of partnerships.

Professor West said the participating districts were selected in part for the teaching challenge presented by the district’s fast-changing, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual student populations. All the communities have experienced an influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Asia, South Asia and Latin America. To meet the challenge, West predicted that the program fellows and middle school teachers would develop more hands-on classroom activities, workshops and field projects that transcend language barriers.”…”

Just what the doctor ordered for Ridgewood, right. Our teachers are so “ill-prepared” and our students so “challenged” that we have to run for help to a local university partner. Thanks Regina. This is a real stomach-churning moment for all of us.

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