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Welcome Reception for Marty Brooks Postponed

>Because of scheduling conflicts, the Board of Education is postponing the public welcome reception for Dr. Martin Brooks, the incoming Superintendent of Schools at the Ed Center, originally scheduled for Monday, June 11, 2007.

10 thoughts on “Welcome Reception for Marty Brooks Postponed

  1. >good luck to you.this town is tuff.and dont you worry you will see all the b,s,.

  2. >I hope “scheduling conflicts” means they cancelled his contract.

    OK, I know, wishful thinking…

  3. >COWARDS!!! The good people of Ridgewood are above pitchfork use. Maybe they’ll postpone his appointment too… indefinitely with pay of course!

  4. >Gee… didn’t they postpone the BOE meeting back in May when they originally intended to announce the hiring of Brooks? It seems difficult to get anything scheduled when you have such a long commute.

  5. >Marty Brooks welcome reception will now be held on July 1, 2012 to coincide with the end of his contract. He will meet and say goodbye to everyone then.

  6. >Ok, Looking at the posts above I have to ask who gave Beavis and Butthead a computer with an internet connection?

  7. >How convenient.

  8. >maybe Marty is trying to nail down that welcoming speech

    dear neighbors (oops cant write that, i dont live anywhere near here!)

  9. >I’m getting the feeling his meet nd greet will never be rescheduled. So again I post my questions to Mr. Brooks — perhaps he is reading this blog –.

    How much money have you made peddling constructivist math?

    Do you have a plan to sell this to Ridgewood parents in the face of such heated opposition?

    Why come to a district that is fighting the very thing you stand for in education?

    How long do you think you will last here?

    Will you rely on jargon to get your points across?

    Why do you think you didn’t get those other positions for which you interviewed?

    Why do you think our BOE hired you?

    Did the BOE know of your staunch constructivist background before it came out in our math debate?

    Do you believe there is still money to be made selling reformed math programs?

    Why do you think Mathland perished?

    What kind of math should Ridgewood have?

    Should all our elementary schools have a consistent math program or should we continue to let principals just pick what they think is best for their school?

    Do you agree with the BOE pesident that meeting state standards should be the aim of our math programs?

    What will be your hours of work in the district?

  10. >he makes alot of money boy o schools have that to pay,wow.

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