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What Are the Reported Healing Properties of Moldavite?

Healing stones are a cornerstone of esoteric religions and spiritual practices. In this article, we will be discussing one stone, Moldavite, which has attracted a huge following and is a key component in many esoteric rituals and forms of spirituality. The stone is a deep green and was formed when a meteorite struck southern Germany over fifteen million years ago. Not only will we be discussing Moldavite and its uses, but we will be explaining a few of its reported healing properties. The stone is most often used for this purpose [healing]. Here are the reported healing properties of Moldavite.

What is Moldavite

Moldavite is a stone and member of the Tektite group, which is a group of naturally occurring glasses caused by meteoric collisions. The word Tektite derives from the Greek word tektos, which can be translated to molten. Moldavite, like other members of the Tektite group, is composed of silicon, aluminum, and other metal oxides. Moldavite has an amorphous crystal structure. However, unique to Moldavite and unlike other Tektites, Moldavite is translucent and deep green. It is the only Tektite that is suitable for being cut, shaped, and formed into jewelry or to be used as a gem. Among those who practice spirituality, Moldavite rings are not uncommon. According to the specialists at, due to its extra-terrestrial origins, it has been given the name ‘Alien Stone’. It is safe to say that Moldavite is truly a fascinating stone. Here are a few of its reported healing properties:

Physical Healing

Moldavite is said to have very potent physical healing properties. It is used by many spiritual practitioners to diagnose and treat a wide number of diseases. It is said that its healing properties stem from its high vibrational energy, which is due to its extraterrestrial origins. Moldavite is used to cleanse your body and clear blockages that may occur in your body; it is also used to support the growth of new cells. For those who experience allergies [of which there are many], Moldavite is said to alleviate allergies and help the patient live allergy-free. It is also used to combat the flu, colds, or other viruses.


Due to its high-vibrational energy, Moldavite is commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of premature aging. It is very popular with spiritual practitioners in reducing wrinkles and signs of aging, and if you are concerned that you look far older than you are, you may wish to consider the use of Moldavite.

Emotional Relief

Moldavite is used to alleviate emotional trauma and distress. This is because of the warmth that it is purported to give those who hold it, both physically and metaphysically. The warmth is said to be related to the heart, which is the chakra that Moldavite governs. As a stone, Moldavite brings us close to our heart, which is a very important part of emotional healing. In fact, Moldavite is purported to be one of the strongest healing stones with regard to emotional healing. It is a stone that is unlike any other and is very powerful. You will find its use in a wide variety of spiritual and esoteric healing practices. It is said that, as has been mentioned previously, its powers stem from its alien origins. If you have been experiencing emotional trauma or heartache, then it may be worth using Moldavite [if you are inclined toward spiritual practice]. In combination with other healing stones, Moldavite can be a powerful cure to depression and anxiety, and it is something well worth trying out should the situation warrant it.

Spiritual Ailment

Physical and emotional pain are not the only problems that a human being can experience, and rather, they can also experience problems from a problem with their spirituality. Being a talisman from space, Moldavite has a lot to offer spiritually and can awaken the mind.

Those who use Moldavite will be drawn to it, and around it, will experience a sense of spiritual protection and insulation. Moldavite prevents negative energy from being able to penetrate your aura. Additionally, Moldavite is said to put its users in touch with a cosmic message [because of its outer space origin].

Planetary Healing

In addition to all the healing effects Moldavite can have upon the human body, it is also said to have a healing effect on our planet. It is used in rituals to protect and preserve the Earth – therefore making it a stone with many uses, and one that is very powerful.

With the help of this page, you now know a few of Moldavite’s purported healing benefits, as well as what it is. Moldavite is a very interesting stone, and if you are interested in spirituality, why not give it a look.

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  1. I had no idea Moldavite could be used for anti-ageing. Thank you for this information!

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